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Out in some parking lot, Mike meets with Gus for a full debrief on Walt, including medical updates. But Mike's major takeaway is that Walt's gone off the rails and isn't coming back any time soon. "At least not by himself." He also mentions that the Cousins are apparently still stalking Walt, what with their ominous chalk drawings. Next week, I'm looking forward to a hopscotch grid with skulls in all the squares. Mike wonders why Gus doesn't just tell Walt about the Cousins. That'd certainly get him motivated to cook, knowing Gus is all that stands between him and certain, silent doom. But Gus doesn't believe in fear as a motivator. He's interested in Walt as an investment, and to that end, he's interested in the medical reports that say he's got 2-3 years of healthy living ahead of him, minimum. Mike also, almost as an afterthought, passes on that Jesse wants to set up a meeting. Gus doesn't work with junkies, a response Mike fully expected. But when Mike notes that Jesse and Walt are on the outs with each other, Gus's interest is piqued. He tells Mike to do the deal. Mike doesn't ask questions.

After the break, Hank's driving down a desert road and vigorously ignoring his bleating cell phone. He pulls into a driveway and checks his notepad, which is chock full of leads that have been crossed off. They've all led him here ... to the gas station from the beginning of the episode. After checking his messages -- the latest in what sounds like a long line of voice mails from the DEA brass telling him to get his ass to El Paso PDQ -- he heads inside. He chats up our same pie-faced clerk (who at this point needs a name, and Hank eventually calls her Cara, so she's Cara) from before; he's looking for a Matt Santos, but Cara tells him he got fired weeks ago and she hasn't seen him. Hank sounds slightly dubious, so Cara's like, "No really!" Hank delivers the un-shocking news that Cara is a pretty terrible liar. He produces the baggie of meth, and Cara is comically bad at denying knowing anything about it. Hank's voice gets SUPER intense as he starts yelling at her. He NEEDS to know where the meth came from, and she's going to tell him RIGHT NOW! Cara trembles that she tried it and hated it and gave it to Matt. Who gave it to her? Cara describes the encounter with Jesse, who she describes as a white guy with "really blue eyes -- really, really blue." Mmmm, girl, don't I know it. Anyway. After once again stressing how badly he needs to find this guy, Hank wrings out some more info out of a now-crying Cara (he drove an RV, for example), before finally noticing the totally obvious security camera pointed right at him. At which point, I think I channeled Walt and said, "God damn it, Jesse, you moron." Hank begs Cara to tell him that camera works. Cara's frightened, tearful face seems to indicate it doesn't. And indeed, Hank heads back to his car emptyhanded. Jesse dodges a bullet! Ah, but wait. Hank looks ahead and spots the ATM machine outside the store. As he peers at its screen, we get a POV shot from the machine itself. That fucker looks like it had a pretty good vantage point on Jesse's RV. "Bingo," Hank growls.

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