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At the White house (hahaha, get it?), they're having dysfunctional-family breakfast, while poor Flynn sits around thinking his family's gotten back together. He even compliments Skyler on the eggs, which is nice to see. He notes the "weird"ness of the fact that it's been three days without a donation to the Save Walter web site. Walt, not one to miss a chance to be shitty, grouses that people lose interest, as he lets his cereal glop from his spoon back into the bowl. It's not that Flynn doesn't notice that Walt looks like a corpse and Skyler is hiding behind a wall of newspaper; it's just that this family togetherness is so fragile, he doesn't want to touch it, lest it fall down. He doesn't realize it's already fallen down. So he gently inquires about how long Walt's leave will last, and whether Walt can drive him to school. He asks Skyler if Walt can babysit Holly now, so Skyler doesn't have to take him to work. Skyler is clearly repulsed by the idea, but she's so happy to have Flynn talking to her again that she forces the world's most uncomfortable smile and chokes out a "Maybe. We'll see."

Jesse stands outside his car in the shadow of an overpass, smoking. Another car pulls up and, in a series of medium-to-long shots that keep Jesse and the other driver in silhouette, Jesse exchanges a knapsack full of meth for a bag o' money. The bagman, who is all business to the extreme, pulls away, but Jesse digs through the bag and is agitated. The bagman pulls around, and Jesse is able to lodge his complaint: it's only half! WTF? The guy's like, "Yep. Your half." He pulls away, leaving Jesse to wail about who gets the other half. By which I mean he yells, "Yo! Where's the other half, bitch?" I can't deny that I'm kind of glad to see Jesse's got the wigga spark back to him.

At the DEA, Hank's boss wants to know if Hank's going to El Paso or not. Hank's like, "Yeah! Of course! ...Just as soon as I harpoon this white whale o' mine." Bossman is dubious, to say the least, but he can't help but get caught up in Hank's enthusiasm for the blue meth case, Hank lays out the file, which now includes grainy B&W shots from the ATM machine. Hank has correctly deduced that the RV has been hollowed out for meth production and has narrowed the vehicle down to one of twenty-nine in the state of New Mexico. Even Bossman is impressed at how far Hank has closed in on these guys. Hank says the next step is to go "knock on some doors," which brings Bossman back to Hank's avoidance of El Paso. "They need you in El Paso," he says. And not once the Heisenberg case is wrapped up -- now. Does Hank leave for El Paso tonight, or is he refusing the assignment? Hank, shamed and defeated, barely croaks out that he "can't" go to El Paso. He recovers his bluster to say that it's only because he's so close to cracking this case. But Bossman knows the score. And to his credit, he tells Hank he better get cracking on it, then. Man, that was a moment for Hank. You can't help but wonder if Walter had been able to scrounge up that small bit of humble-self awareness that Hank just did, how things might be different for him. Ah, but I've beat up on Walt enough for one week.

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