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Conflict Resolution
ory. Gus wants things settled, now. But all Jesse can see right now is Walt. "You told him?" he seethes, through clenched teeth. Gus stands up, which gets everyone's attention, and tells the dealers to wait outside. Gus lords over Jesse and tells him that Walt is the only friend he's got; if it weren't for Walt coming to him, Jesse would be dead right now. Jesse begins to turn towards Walt again, but Gus sharply rebukes him, and Jesse flinches hard. He's scared, and he's right to be.

Gus tells Jesse how this is going to go: he's going to call the other two in, Jesse will shake their hands and make peace, and that'll be the end of it. But Jesse summons up whatever courage he's got and says "No!" Walt urgently whispers for Jesse to cut it out, and even Mike leans forward like, "Ohhhh, what happens when you do that?" Jesse stands up and looks Gus in the eye. He says those two goons have 11-year-old kids killing for them. How is Gus, a reasonable businessman, okay with that? He turns to Walt, righteous and accusatory and awesome: "Are you okay with this? You got anything to say here?" Walt is speechless. Shamed, I'd say. Gus calls in Frick and Frack; he orders, "No more children." And he wants Jesse to agree to keep the peace. He makes him say it. And shake their hands. Jesse then turns back to Walt and stares him down.

Which has gotta make this ride home super awkward, right? Well it is! Forced into a conversational corner, Walt emerges with an old standby: lecturing! He tells Jesse that his actions affect everyone around him. It's sometimes hard to believe Walt allows himself to hear what he's actually saying. To process it and understand it. Because how else does he not choke on such obvious hypocrisies? Anyway, he maintains that he had "the best of reasons," but Jesse remains silent. And when Walt pulls up to his car, Jesse barely waits for Walt to stop the car before he bolts out and drives off. And as he does, he passes Tomas on his bike.

Hank's hospital room. Marie gets the sexy task of spongebathing her lumpy curmudgeon. But maybe I shouldn't be so quick to crack on Hank's sex appeal. Because after another unsuccessful attempt to talk Hank into moving back home, Marie tries a different tactic. She slips her hand under Hanks's gown, between his legs. Hank is half-stammery and embarrassed, half-dismissive and mad, but Marie's mood is more curious. Hank tells her nothing's going to happen -- paralysis and all -- but Marie's not so sure. Confidence, another reason I love Marie. She makes a bet with Hank: if she can get him hard, he'll agree to come live at home, today. Hank begs off, but she baits him into it. And then she gets to work. She's got one minute. He taunts her at first, then irritatedly tells her to quit, and then ... well, there's something. Not to dwell on the intricacies of Hanks's nethers, but it seems like it moved. Marie smiles a gloaty smile. And we cut to Hank and his box of get-well gifts getting wheeled to the exit, peeved bewilderment on his face. Seriously, why aren't the DEA and Gus not involved in a fierce bidding war for Marie's services. Lady GETS IT DONE.

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