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Anyway, Saul explains that the Vamanos M.O. is to fumigate the places on the up-and-up, then copy the keys and either sell them to third-party thieves or wait a few months and come back themselves. So think about that the next time you catch a cockroach in your kitchen and decide to bomb your house out. Saul vouches for Ira and his crew, says if you buy them, they stay bought. Mike is circumspect, but he seems more or less okay with it. He asks if they should take a vote, but Walt, petty as ever, simply says, "Why?" So Saul shoots Ira the thumbs-up.

And now for today's wonderful diversion into unexpected beauty: you know who's a hell of a piano player, apparently? Skinny Pete! I know! [Note: Apparently Charles Baker practiced three hours a day for a month for that one scene.] Pete and Badger are back, which is enough to warm my heart anyway, and they're noodling around in a music shop, where Pete is playing the keyboard and showing off some major fingering skills. (Oh, grow up.) Badger is taking a somewhat more blunt approach to the double-neck guitar he's jamming on. But these two wonderful boys didn't come here just to try out instruments. They're looking to buy roadie equipment -- heavy duty roadie cases, that can bear a ton of weight, lock up tight, and fit through regulation doorways. And they need four of 'em. The somewhat nonplussed employee offers to stencil their band name on the cases, and the next time we see them, they've got "VAMONOS PEST" stenciled on them.

Pete and Badger deliver the cases to Jesse and enthuse about how it looks like he's is back in business with fat stacks of cash. Jesse downplays it and just generally seems like he's outgrown these two knuckleheads, loveable though they may be. But even so, when they ask if there's any place for them in Jesse's new venture, he kind of waffles and contemplates. That is, until Mike emerges, like the disapproving father figure he is (all, "Didn't we talk about you falling into old habits?"), and Jesse gets serious again and tells the guys maybe someday. Later, Pete and Badger! Missed you guys!

Next up. Mike delivers new marching orders to Ira and his crew: they're to continue to do their jobs like normal, only with one exception: no more burglary. No more selling keys to criminals. Everything about the business is on the up-and-up. In return for that, they'll get paid by the meth operation. Mike then gestures to Walt and Jesse, hanging at the back of the room. He tells the workers as far as they're concerned, these two guys are ghosts, not to be addressed or acknowledged, "but if either one of them says jump, you don't ask why." He says if they must be addressed, call them Yes Sir and No Sir. Walt and Jesse stifle a laugh at this and smile at each other, partly in appreciation for Mike blunt operational style, and (I think more for Jesse) partly at the idea of being called "sir."

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