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Back at the White family abode, Marie sits disconcertingly still on the couch, staring straight ahead at nothing. Waiting. Walt returns home and forces himself to act casual as he asks why she's here. She says Skyler's in the bedroom, resting. Cut to Walt sitting across the coffee table from his sister-in-law, reacting to her off-camera news that Skyler had a "breakdown." At least, that's as best as Marie can describe it. Walt, of course, first wants to make sure Skyler didn't say anything incriminating, but Marie just reports back about the "SHUT UP SHUT UP!" part, and of course the smoking. She's pissed that Walt didn't return the five phone messages she left him. Marie's all urgent whispers here, not wanting to rouse Skyler, but she demands to know what's going on and tells Walt she's not leaving until he tells her. Is he gambling again? Is it -- God forbid -- the cancer? It's interesting, Walt having to think on his feet like this. The last time Marie needed a cover story this bad, Skyler spun straw into gold with the lie about Walt's gambling addiction. Now he's gotta tapdance all on his own. Lucky for him, he's got a story simmering not far below the surface of his thoughts: Ted Beneke.

He tells Marie about the unfortunate incident of ol' Ted and his fractured vertebrae and posits that as the reason Skyler's in a mood. This doesn't make sense to Marie at first, until Walt's all, "You do know ... right?" Suddenly, it all clicks: Skyler was having an affair with Ted. Oh is this ever sweet for Walt. He gets a cover story and a chance to expose his wife's whoring transgression. He plays the forgiving husband with Marie, earning him a big sympathetic hug. She decides to leave without any further inquiry. Walt asks her not to say anything, you know, considering. Crisis averted. With Marie gone, Walt stalks into kitchen and bites into an apple in the most sinister way ever.

Meanwhile, Jesse is at home, watching Brock and Andrea play video games. He's pretty well lost in thought, and Andrea asks if he's okay. She doesn't get much of an answer.

Skyler is also lost in thought, staring at ceiling in her bedroom, hearing the sounds of gunfire from the next room. They're coming from the TV of course, as Walt is watching Scarface with Junior and Holly. It's the "say hello to my little friend" scene, and the whole thing is a nice winking tribute to Vince Gilligan's oft-reported mission statement for the show (taking a man from Mr. Chips to Tony Montana). It's quite the sight for Skyler to walk in on: her kingpin husband gleefully shepherding her children through a celebration of extreme kingpin violence. Junior invites her to join; she doesn't, but she doesn't object either, mostly because she can't seem to speak. Walt, meanwhile, is loving life. "Everyone dies in this movie, huh?" he enthuses to his son, as the machine gun fire from the TV dissolves into the rattling of a money-counting machine in the next scene.

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