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After the break, the interrogation commission holds a post-mortem. Hank is defending his Chile questions, saying they were legitimate -- why does Gustavo Fring not exist before turning up in Mexico? Both Gomez and Merkert (who admits to some personal bias) believe Gus's story, to Hank's frustration. He hides it pretty well, though, and persists in a fairly unobnoxious way. "I think it was a good story," he says, again very Columbo. "But why are we hearing it now?" In other words, why didn't Gus use his close ties and influence with law enforcement to bring Gale's case to their attention? Throw his weight around to get his pal's murder solved? Merkert rightly says that they can't predicate a criminal investigation on a person not making phone calls. Perd finally speaks, says he wants to follow up on the college scholarship thing, but overall, he believed Gus. So that's that.

Elsewhere, at a pretty nice house in a pretty decent part of town, Saul pays a visit to Andrea and her son, Brock. From the familiarity they're expressing with each other, this is obviously not his first visit. Andrea and Brock have just moved in -- unpacked boxes are all over the place -- and Saul hands her an envelope with money for rent and expenses. Saul hilariously talks to the kid about schoolyard romances and the girl who got away (to Scottsdale) and "carpe diem, okay?" Andrea tentatively tells Saul to thank Jesse and asks after him. "He's good," Saul says, diplomatically. "...He's busy." When Saul heads back to the car, Jesse's in the passenger seat. He asks Saul how the house is, and Brock. Saul bluntly, but nicely for his standards, tells him to go see for himself. Jesse's not ready for that and instead jumps out of the car and starts walking away.

Skyler is at home, packing all the money that can't be laundered into vacuum clothes-storage bags. She has to pack so many that when she tries hanging them all in her closet, the rod breaks under the weight. SO MUCH MONEY. So with the kicky elevator music playing on the soundtrack, we see the clothes bags end up in the basement. The dusty, cobwebby basement.

That night, Hank and Marie are over for dinner, and Marie is talking delightful nonsense about moving up to the corporate level like Skyler now has, because no one where she works knows shit about giving an X-ray. Junior asks after Walt's cancer screening today, and Walt says the tests came back clean. Marie talks about Hank's big muckity-muck meeting at the DEA today, which obviously gets Walt's antennae pinging. Hank then asks Walt for a lift to a mineral fair tomorrow, to which Walt has to oblige.

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