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The next day, Walt blabbers about his own mineral-collecting days as he drives Hank to the mineral fair. Only, psych! They're not going to the mineral fair. There is no mineral fair. Hank only lied because he didn't want Marie to freak. Hank directs Walt into the Pollos lot, and of course Walt begins to freak. He listens to Hank explain everything that Walt already knows about Gus, and Walt is just waiting for the other shoe to drop; for Hank to be like, "I know what's going on." But no, Hank just knows about Gus. Which is still bad, and which still causes all the veins in Walter's head to bulge at once. Hank also mentions Walt's drunken blabbering that made him think twice about Gale -- turning the screws on Walt without even knowing about it. Hank catches Walt up on the events of the interrogation. He says Gus was convincing. A little too convincing. He KNOWS Gus is the guy, he just needs to prove it. So why tell Walt this? Because Hank needs Walt to plant a tracking device on Gus's Volvo. He produces the device -- $289 from SkyMall! -- and assures Walt that it's not illegal, just "extra-legal." Now it gets insane, as over Hank's shoulder, Walt sees Mike pull into the parking lot. Was he following Walt this whole time? Following Hank? Just coincidence? Either way, the "WTF?" look he shoots Walt is priceless. Hank, meanwhile, is instructing Walt on how to fake a shoe-tying in order to plant the device. Walt says he's uncomfortable with this, but Hank pretty much begs him. So Walt gets out of the car, walks to the Volvo, and bends to tie his shoe. From Hank's angle, he can't see if Walt actually does it. He doesn't. Instead, he proceeds into Pollos, where he's met at the counter by Gus, of all people. The man he was never supposed to see again. Gus is in cheerful, public-facing mode. Walt is scared out of his mind. Who's in charge of his life now? He blubbers that he didn't do it. He pulls out the tracker. Gus: "Do it. DO. IT." Then... "May I help you with your order?" Outside, then, Walt has to ONCE AGAIN do the shoe-tying thing, to Hank's WTF reaction, and actually plant the device now. In the car, Walt says he had to make sure it was secure. Hank accepts the explanation, then asks, "Where's my soda?" HA HA WALT, JUST KIDDING. Meanwhile inside, Gus's face is once again a placid mask of suppressed rage.

After the break, Walt comes barreling into America's Meth Kitchen all sorts of frantic. He runs right up to the security camera and pleads with this hunk of cold metal for mercy. He didn't know Hank was taking him to Pollos -- he'd never have gone with him if he knew! He then tries to do that thing where he fancies himself the World's Most Rational Man (hard to believe Dos Equis passed up on him for their spokesman). "Evidence-wise," he assures Gus, Hank has nothing but pure conjecture, and no one at the DEA thinks differently. But if something were to happen to Hank, suspicion would fall on Gus, and then on Walt. I have to say, it does speak pretty well of Walt that he's so desperate to keep Gus from murdering Hank. He tells that camera that both he and Gus have a mutual interest in keeping that suspicion from falling on them. "I will make sure that he discovers NOTHING," he promises. Like a grade-school kid volunteering to be hall monitor, this guy.

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