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Then it's directly over to Jesse's, because that's where Walter goes to unload all his feelings of powerlessness and panic. He rings the doorbell like a jonesing meth-head and screams "JESSE!" And then, it happens. Jesse answers the door in the sparkliest, most bedazzled t-shirt you ever saw. It's like his time spent with Mike has finally given him the confidence to wear rhinestones, it's gorgeous. Anyway, after asking if they're alone -- Walt really has been thrown by Mike's presence in Jesse's life -- Mr. Mutual Interest, wants to step up the timetable on the whole Jesse-killing-Gus thing. He's got to make this happen this week, tomorrow, tonight if possible. Jesse's like, "Oh, okay, let me go and light up my Gus Signal." Walt explains about Hank's investigation into Gus, and obviously Jesse can't be thrilled that Hank is fucking things up again. He's also "thinking" -- that's new. "What if this is like math?" he asks Walt, with a severe sarcastic edge. "Or algebra? You add plus-douchebag to a minus-douchebag and you get, like, zero douchebags." Jesse's demeanor here is just lights years beyond where Jesse began. That kid is unrecognizable now. He's harder. More hollow. But also smarter and more assertive. Walt counters with some math of his own: "Hank catching Gus = Hank catching us." Math AND poetry! Walt is a true Renaissance Man. Jesse figures Hank's got nothing, else he'd be dead. Walt asks Jesse again to confirm he hasn't seen Gus since that time at the diner. Jesse lets his silence be his assent, even though it's dirty lies. Walt starts forming a plan where Jesse tells Mike he's worried about Hank's investigation and wants to arrange a meeting so they can coach him on what to do and say. I love that Walt is in the Skyler role now, coaching Jesse on exactly how he should approach Mike to set up this meeting, so that it sounds like he's credibly worried about Hank catching him. Jesse doesn't think Gus will see him if he thinks there's trouble. "INSIST ON IT, DAMN IT," Walt snaps. "He will meet with you if he thinks you're a liability." Wow, talk about hanging Jesse out to dry. "He will waste me if he thinks I'm a liability," Jesse sensibly argues. He's finally like "whatever" and goes to the bathroom. When he's gone, Walt hears Jesse's phone message beep, and his curiosity gets the better of him. He takes a look at the text that just arrived: "Meeting is off. Something came up. Boss busy." When Jesse returns, Walt informs him of his message, and he asks Jesse if it's anything important. Again, Jesse is silent, and again that silence is LIES. Now Walt knows, and his mask of hate is formidable.

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Breaking Bad




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