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Back at Pollos, Gus is once again monitoring his various security cameras when he gets a call from Mike. He reports that Hank is investigating as a lone wolf, without the approval of the DEA or the police. So, what, they didn't just take Walt's word for it? Mike says Hank has no warrant for the tracking device he placed, and is essentially just "Miss Daisy with binoculars." "What about Chile?" Gus asks. Mike says if he can't find any trace of him before '89, Hank won't. BUT, with the cartel and Hank at the same time... if they make a move while Hank's eye is on them, it could be the perfect storm.

Gus removes the tracking device form his Volvo and goes to pay another visit to Tio. Hector. Gus informs him he's said no to the cartel's ultimatum and that DEA Agent Schrader is a concern as he's looking into Gus's past. You get the feeling Gus unloads on Tio like this from time to time; part therapy, part torture. We get another flash of the sparkling blue-green water again, and Gus whispers, "Is today the day, Hector?"

Flashback to Mexico: Gus and this other guy are waiting nervously poolside; out from the house emerges Young Hector, who proceeds to pee in the pool, despite Juan Bolsa (hey, Juan Bolsa!) admonishing him that if their boss ever found out... But Hector says he won't ever find out; then he turns his attention to Gus and Gus's friend and is like, "These two like what they see," and makes kissy noises at them. Oh, right, Hector was an awful person.

Hector pours himself a shot of tequila, pointedly refusing to pour anything for Gus or Max (Max is the other guy, I'm not going to wait around for him to finally say it). "So," Juan Bolsa begins, "Los Pollos Hermanos." The Chicken Brothers. Hector looks at them both with disdain: "Dark meat and white meat. They don't look like no brothers to me." This seems pointed, but I'm putting that in my back pocket. Don Eladio -- Steven Bauer from Scarface -- emerges from the house. This is the boss -- you can tell he's the boss because he's wearing a track suit and yelling stuff like, "the master chefs!" He raves to Gus and Max about their chicken. Max explains that the recipe is Chilean, modified for Mexican tastes. Eladio jokes that "we like a little more chili than you Chileans," and Gus eyes him warily.

Eladio begins a line of questioning that he'll keep returning to: if Max is the chef, what is it that Gus does for their operation? Gus is the business guy, of course. Then Eladio asks, "Besides that delicious chicken, what else do you have on your menu?" Max is like, well we have side dishes! Rice and such! Of course, Eladio is talking about the meth. When he sends his men to their restaurant, they come back high on meth. Gus nervously but steadily explains that he's not selling to Eladio's men, he's giving them samples. Hector scoffs at this, but Gus says it's true -- he wanted them to bring the drugs to Eladio's attention, so they could get into business with him. Max earnestly corroborates Gus's story. Eladio is like, "I know about meth. The poor man's cocaine, right?" For North American bikers and hillbillies. Max assures him that he is a chemist, and the meth they make is extremely superior to that biker crank he's talking about. He starts talking about molecular structure and crystals. Walt talk. Gale talk. Gus tells Eladio that meth is the drug of the future. It'll triple, maybe quadruple your profits. Now Hector AND Juan Bolsa scoff, but again, Gus responds with facts: without having to deal with the Colombians for their product, they won't have to be the middlemen anymore. Meth is more addictive, Max says, and will move in higher volume, and you can manufacture it right here in Mexico. Eladio says his men do like the product, and he tells Hector to pour these men a drink. Hector gets up to get some glasses.

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