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I See You

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I See You
of Walt's grateful family.

Walt gets up and says he should walk Gus out. He catches up with him in the lobby. He asks to speak with him, under the pretense of concerned family member and generous benefactor. But the entire Albuquerque police force is still milling around in the background, giving this pointedly low-key conversation one hell of an edge. "You knew?" Walt confirms. "You knew my brother-in-law was a DEA agent." Gus is all, "Yeah, I perform very basic background checks, moron." "He is not a problem for us or our business," Walt assures him, though I would expect Gus would be the ultimate judge of that. Walt then asks if Gus showing up tonight is supposed to be a message to him. "I'm supporting my community," is all he'll say. "I hide in plain sight, just like you." Walt then begs -- actually begs -- Gus to explain this whole shooting to him. It's been a theme all season, but hearing Walt say it out loud like that -- "I don't understand it; I don't know what it means." -- really brings home just how much is going on that he has NO IDEA about. "I fear for my family," Walt says. Gus says he's sure they'll be fine. "The assassin that survived is gravely ill. It's doubtful he'll live. Now thank me, and shake my hand." Walt does as he's told. As Gus leaves, the lobby full of cops start rhubarbing like crazy and flocking upstairs. What's the commotion?

Well, Leonel is crashing, for one. The doctors are trying to revive him, but you all heard what Gus said. It's doubtful he'll live. Did anyone have any doubt this would come to pass, then? To the sneering approval of Gomez and Company in the hallway, Leonel is pronounced dead. R.I.P., Les Cousines Dangereuses. And in the background, unseen by anyone, Mike the Fixer walks to the elevator, dropping a used syringe in a waste repository. I'm not really in the habit of saying this-or-that "owns," but that guy totally does.

Back at El Pollo Knockoffo, Gus gets a call from an agitated Juan Bolsa. He's heard about Leonel dying, and he's also got Federales surrounding his house. He thinks Gus has been behind all of it. Gus is determinedly cool on the other end of the line, asking how it would possibly serve his interests to do this. Bolsa's not so sure about that -- maybe to go off on his own? But Bolsa's pretty confident; the chief of police down there is his brother. He'll get the Federales off his back, and then he and the rest of the cartel brass just might pay Gus a visit. But Bolsa's bluster is interrupted by crashing and gunfire outside. He puts the phone down, but Gus still gets to hear everything that's going on. Bolsa grabs his gun and opens his front door, where he's met by multiple laser sights, then a hail of gunfire. R.I.P. Juanny Sack. Gus smiles a satisfied smile and breaks the phone in half.

At the hospital, Walt wakes up from a nap to find Skyler sleeping on his shoulder. He can't help but be a little disappointed when the doctor walks in and everybody's gotta wake up. Hank's doing well enough that he can see visitors. Marie, Skyler, Flynn, and Walt all get up, but Doc says it's immediate family only. Marie says they're all family. Doc's like, "Yeah, metaphors are nice, but we have this policy..." only to have Marie reiterate: "We're all family."

In Hank's room, he's unconscious but alive. While the rest of the family looks at him with love and concern, Walt's face is a mask of horrified guilt. Or else I'm projecting. Walt's got a lot to feel guilty about, but historically he hasn't. But this shooting, Marie's words about family -- Walt got into the meth business to provide for his family; to keep them from going under. Now he's got to keep them safe. And maybe for the first time, that definition of "family" now extends to Hank and Marie. Speaking of which, Marie puts her hand on her husband's. Try not to feel something at the sight of that.

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