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Magnets, Yo

Saul, to his credit, sacks up and reminds Walt that Clarence Darrow never had a client ask him to lift a ricin cigarette off of anybody. He produces the incriminating object in a Ziploc baggie. You'll recall the widespread speculation after last season's reveal that it was Saul's goon Huell who lifted the ricin off of Jesse's person while he was frisking him, and Saul all but confirms that here, saying that Huell's "hot dog fingers" could have easily slipped and caused a whole lot of damage. The bottom line, for Saul, is that it's been a hazardous line of work, being in the Walter White business. He never signed on to be an accessory to poisoning a kid. He tells Walt to take the ricin and get the hell out. They're finished, professionally. You can't blame Saul here. Up until now, the dynamic with Walt has been such that Saul at least held some cards. Hard to blame him for not realizing he's holding nothing now. Walt gets up without a word, walks around to Saul's side of the desk and menaces him back to one of the pillars in his hilarious oval office. "We're done," Walt says, "when I say we're done." Saul can't even look him in the face. So that's another client retaining Saul's services through intimidation. Who could have expected being a drug lawyer would lead to this?

Walt returns home, to a place that seems more shadows than it's ever been before, and makes his way to the bedroom, where Skyler is folding laundry. She's still stiff when she sees him. Still not able to relax. He steadily approaches her, not with the same menace he approached Saul in the previous scene, but not NOT that same menace either. He tells her that he heard about Ted, and her immediately reaction is to say Ted promised not to talk. She's either scared of Walt being angry at her or Walt taking action against Ted, and probably both. Walt just looks at her, places his hands on her arms, and pulls her into the least loving, most power-playing hug of all time, before whispering to her, "I forgive you." It is CHILLING!

Joe R wants everybody to be very judicious with the "YEAH, BITCH! MAGNETS!" thing over the next few weeks. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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