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"I Guess I'm Coming to You"

At home with the Whites, Walt enjoys an idyllic breakfast with Junior and baby Holly before Junior has to run off to school. All that's missing is Skyler, whose cereal bowl sits conspicuously uneaten (just past that shaker of salt Walt used to perpetrate a vile lie a bit earlier). Also, of note: the White house is a Raisin Bran Crunch house. Either Skyler does the food shopping or there's a part of Walt that's not entirely irredeemable. He goes to the bedroom to rouse his wife for work, but she is not interested in joining the world today. He prods at her to get up and take a shower -- all the while, I should note, the scene is being filmed from behind her back and low, so we can only see half of Walt's head -- and she's either too depressed or too cowed to argue. Skyler's bummin', y'all.

Well, it's time. Time for Mike to get called in by the DEA for questioning. On his way in he passes Chow, one of the men on Lydia's list of eleven. Mike asks him how he's holding up, and Chow says fine. But right about now, Chow looks like one of those guys at the end of a Korean revenge movie, and both he and Mike can see it.

In his questioning with Hank and Gomez, Mike is stoic as he waives his right to an attorney and gruffly goes through his cover story: he works corporate security at Pollos, doing background checks, loss prevention, that sort of thing. Hank, for his part, is playing the glib shitbag cop who wants to rub how much he knows about Mike's Philly cop past in his face. He wants to know what else he was doing in Gus Fring's drug empire, but Mike's like, "Drug empire?" They say they have a guy who can put him inside the superlab, but Mike calls their bluff. He holds out his hands for cuffing, but they don't have the evidence, so they can't. Mike: "You wanna state that for the camera?" He goes to leave, and Hank and Gomie almost let him out the door before they bring up the $2 million they found in his granddaughter's name in Gus's Cayman Islands accounts. Twelve accounts in all, for various members of Gus's power structure. Hank fucks with Mike about how they figured Kaylee was the muscle for the organization before they realized it must be her grandpa. One day, Hank promises, one of Mike's guys is gonna roll on him, and then they WILL put the cuffs on him. Or he can talk now, and he might be able to keep some of that money for Kaylee. Mike stonewalls, but as he turns to leave, he grimaces. Shit's fucked.

Better Call Saul! Walt, Jesse, and Saul are having a strategy meeting. First order of business, per Walt, is to find a new place to cook. No more RVs this time. (Jesse, hilariously, sticks up for "The Crystal Ship," which is a nickname for the RV I'm not sure I remember being used before, though I could be wrong.) Walt tasks Saul with finding them a new place -- some place safe and secure, though Walt says he doesn't want to drive too far out of town like before. Somebody's feeling uppity. In town is trickier, Saul says, but Walt's like, "If Gus could find a place, so can you." Then there's the matter of that "precursor" they need to start cooking. Jesse says they have everything they need but methylamine. Jesse floats the idea of cooking the fake shit, but that's out of the question; Heisenberg does not cook substandard blue meth.

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