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"I Guess I'm Coming to You"

Saul pipes up with a story about a man who wins the lottery; the next thing he does isn't go buy another lotto ticket, you know? A peeved Walt wonders what lottery he's supposed to have won. Saul says being alive after all that's gone down is a pretty nice jackpot. Walt counters that he's currently broke, after sending all his money to Ted Beneke, and in fact $40,000 in the hole to Jesse after last week. "There's gold in the streets," Walt says, "waiting for somebody to come and scoop it up. But I should quit NOW?"

Mike's at home, playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with Kaylee when he gets a phone call from an agitated Chow. He says the DEA wants to talk more, and more importantly, they took all his money; and he needs his money. Mike asks what Chow's asking of him. Chow doesn't know. But he wants to talk and asks Mike to come to his house. Mike gives him two hours. When Chow hangs up, we see he's being held at gunpoint.

Mike rolls up to Chow's house and looks around. Inside, the gunman puts the silenced gun to the peephole, waiting for the knock. Instead, he hears a soft, rhythmic thudding on the other side of the door. He eventually looks out the peephole himself and sees a pink blur passing in front of his sight line. Cut to outside, and a child's plush pig with a windup cord is hanging from the top of the door, whirring and spinning. After a moment, he's greeted by Mike and his gun behind him. The hitman drops his gun and turns. Mike has him sit down on the couch next to Chow's corpse. He tells Mike that Lydia was to pay him $10,000 for every name on the list, and $30,000 for killing Mike. Mike doesn't look proud of that last part, but he should! We realize the hitman is just another name on that list; the Feds froze his accounts too and he needed the money. "Are you ready?" Mike asks him. He barely waits for an answer before he fires three shots into him.

After the final break, we find Mike hiding out at a home where a young girl and an older women count in Spanish as she brushes her dolly's hair. We find out why he's here when Lydia arrives home and the girl runs up and hugs her mommy. Lydia instructs her nanny and walks down the hall, where she's grabbed and silenced by Mike, out of sight of her daughter. Lydia calls out to Dolores that she's going to take a bath and she should put Kiera to bed and go on home. Dolores almost makes it down the hall to where Mike and Lydia are, but Lydia tells her to go along. Same with Kiera. They must be used to giving Lydia a wide berth at bath time.

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