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Mas, Mas, Mas! How Do You Like It? How Do You Like It?

Back in the now, Skyler is in a bathrobe in what is clearly Ted Beneke's ultra-luxe bathroom. She's staring at her feet and whisper-moaning "I... love... this floor." It's apparently heated? Which Ted -- who is in the shower, trying not to make the fixtures seem sad and pathetic by association -- talks about like it was this upgrade he had to get talked into. I'm sorry, I understand most of the bougie luxuries people pay for -- heated car seats, mirrors that won't fog, whatever -- but is there really that much of a benefit to a heated bathroom floor? Particularly when there the toilet seat sits, icy cold as you please. Anyway, Skyler's totally into it, and she's not even interested in drawing lines from Ted extravagances to the embezzling he's doing "just to stay afloat." Ted rests his chin on Skyler's terrycloth-clad shoulder and asks if she'd like to start leaving some things here. Bathroom stuff, clothes, whatever. ...Yeah, Skyler's not really there yet. But that moment with the floor had me thinking she was considering getting there soon.

Back home, Skyler's taking on the much less luxurious task of setting the dinner table. With her feet at room temp like a sucker. She meekly asks Flynn to go fetch his dad, a request which Flynn could not be more giddily happy to carry out. Man, Skyler and Flynn are just gonna keep breaking my heart all season, huh?

Flynn taps on the closed door to what was Holly's nursery and is now Walt's ramshackle bachelor cave-cum-office. Or at least the closet is supposed to be the office. That's where Walt, crouched down on a stepstool and speaking in a fierce whisper, is carrying out his very important phone conversation with Jesse and Saul. Here's how that goes: Jesse is all, "Gimmie my half of the money, bitch! I made that deal all on my own, yo!" Jesse's convinced Walt made some deal with Gus behind his back, but Walt professes his innocence. Which, under these very limited parameters, is true. But the more Jesse accuses him -- and especially the more Jesse stresses that this was his product that Walt got paid for -- the more Walt gets defensive and proprietary. He stresses that he owes Jesse nothing, even while pledging to get to the bottom of this money situation. Jesse, who is probably just as heated about the shitty way Walt treated him the other day, is just incredibly heated, hurling invective after wigga-inflected invective. And every time Jesse spews a "bitch!" in Walt's direction, Saul sputters and begs Jesse not to "escalate" the situation. Seems Saul still has visions of getting the highly profitable band back together. Walt can't resist needling Jesse about cooking his formula without permission. Jesse rages that he needed no such permission because it's "our" formula. "MY METH, MY MONEY!" Jesse screams. Walt hangs up in the middle of Jesse's subsequent pledge to become a "one-man glass factory," and we're spared whatever kind of Chernobyl action that inspired over in Saul's office. Instead, Walt emerges from his closet, stepstool wedged around his ass, and goes to join his family for dinner.

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