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Mas, Mas, Mas! How Do You Like It? How Do You Like It?

Gus has driven Walt out to one of his many warehouses. This one's not the chicken farm, with the cacophonous chatter of death on all sides. No, this one looks to be a laundry facility. Industrial-sized and all. Gus leads him through the factory floor, pulls a lever that clears out a false apparatus, and leads Walt into what waits on the other side. In this case, it's not Les Cousines Dangerouses. Or even a sex dungeon. (On come on, you know Gus must have a sex dungeon.) No, he leads Walter down into what must be Valhalla for chem nerds: a giant floorspace full of work stations and industrial sized vats and gleaming chrome everywhere. "Your new lab," Gus announces. Walt's slack-jawed, and from the corner of the camera, we can see a smirk flash across Gus's face. He's got him. The music even has a plinky, "oooh-oooh-oooh" Dorothy steps out into Oz quality to it. Walt takes inventory of the place, with its sodium oxide and reaction vessels. Oh, the liters! He's impressed. Gus says it took a long time to set up. He also says that, with the long-established laundry running upstairs, regular deliveries of chemicals in bulk won't raise any eyebrows. Also the air filtration is top notch so no meth clouds either. "I need 200 pounds per week to make this economically viable," Gus announces.

All this, but Walt still says no. "I've made a series of very bad decisions, and I cannot make another one." Gus strikes like a cobra. With precision and a plan. He gets Walt to admit he made those decisions for his family. And decisions made for your family cannot be bad. "What does a man do?" he asks. A man provides for his children. Armed with the knowledge of Walt and Skyler's estrangement, Gus does what any great debater or underhanded Republican strategist does: he changes the parameters of the discussion. It's all about Walt's children. Skyler's barely in the picture. As far as Gus's word-pictures about doing what you have to do for your kids are concerned. "A man provides," Gus reiterates. "And he does it even when he's not appreciated, or respected, or even loved." He bears the consequences, because he's a man. I said it before and I'll say it again: Gus has got him.

Back in Ted's bathroom, Skyler is once again in a bathrobe in front of the mirror, only this time she's not luxuriating in the warmth of Ted's heated floor. It looks like the conversation with Marie took root and now she's puzzling over what to do next. She's so uncomfortable, even, that she places a towel down on the floor -- a literal buffer between her feet and Ted's fancy floor.

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