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Mas, Mas, Mas! How Do You Like It? How Do You Like It?

Back home, family dinner night is the least awkward one yet. Flynn compliments Skyler on dinner and even cracks a few jokes. And from the look on Skyler's face, you can tell that Flynn smiling back at her trumps any heated bathroom floor. Flynn gets up to go to homework/play video games, and after a rather heavy-handed shot from behind a pillar where Walt and Skyler are literally separated despite being at the same table, baby Holly starts to fuss. Skyler moves to go pick her up, but she looks over at Walt, whose face reads a distinct longing, and asks him if he'd like to. The mix of gratefulness and sadness on Walt's face is the most human he's looked all season. But even so, once Walt has picked Holly up, put her on his shoulder, and smiled about as wide as he ever has, he turns around to find Skyler has left the dinner table.

The next day, the DEA offices are buzzing with the going away party for Gomez. Would you believe the only person not taking part in the festivities is Hank? I know, right? No, he's on the phone tracking down RV leads. Frustrated, he crosses the last contact off his list. Dead end. Of course, Hank's not afraid to ruin other peoples' good time, so he calls in Janice, who is walking down to the party with the actual cake. Hank doesn't notice or doesn't care. He asks her to check the databases again for more leads. To her credit, she asks him if this can wait 'til the end of the party, but Hank, with honest vulnerability, says he's "dead in the water" without new leads. Janice resigns herself to her fun new task.

Hank gathers himself and walks out to the celebration. He and Gomez banter like the buddy-cop movie they are. Hank says something racist! Gomez doesn't quite punch him! La la la la! Then, as often happens in conversations between two dudes who aren't saying what they really mean, there's a lull. In this quiet moment, Hank hands Gomez a little Mexican statue thing, then sincerely (and a bit sadly) tells him to "fight the good fight." Hard to tell if Hank's sullen because of his own opportunities lost or if he's worried about Gomez's head ending up atop a tortuga. A short time later, Janice returns to Hank with good news: one more RV listing. This one never had the registration renewed, but was also never rendered inoperational or destroyed. Hank gets a big ol' smile on his face. He's got daylight.

At home, Skyler is putting away laundry in Holly's room (which is right now functioning as Walter's room). She spots an ominous black duffel bag in Holly's closet/Walt's "office," and her curiosity gets the better of her. After nearly collapsing under the weight of the bag, Skyler opens it to find fat stacks. Though not the kind Jesse was talking about earlier. In a nice touch, some of the money still looks beat up from when Walt tried to burn it and then chucked it into the pool. Skyler's breathless at the sight of all this ill-gotten lucre. To her credit, she doesn't roll around the floor in it, like some people might. ...What?

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