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Mas, Mas, Mas! How Do You Like It? How Do You Like It?

Over to Saul's Strip Mall Lawmporium for the Main Event. Inside, Jesse waits for Walt to show up while Saul tries to get him to calm down and let him do all the talking. Jesse is sparking like a live wire, though. Saul's like, "Trust me, I've got your back" and asks if the parameters of Jesse's sobriety allow him to pop a Xanax and chill for a bit. He says he gets the Xanax from his 5-foot tall Asian "chiropractor." Using all appropriate air quotes, Saul says she "'adjusts you' to completion." Oh, Saul. Jesse, who may or may not have been listening to that at all, says he's outta here, but of course, that's just when Walt shows up. Saul stands up as Walt enters and is exceedingly formal/polite with the man who only last week tried to kick his ass. The men sit down, and Saul presents the "sweetheart" deal that Jesse is offering ("offering" seems a bit much considering how much Jesse is obviously not the one who wants this deal), where Walt would have to do fuckall and collect 10% of all Jesse's future earnings. "Consider it a gesture of respect for your valuable contributions to the business thus far." Saul is sure Walt will agree that's fair. Jesse turns and says it's "charity, is what it is. I do all the work and he sits around on his fat ass judging people." Saul again tries to stop Jesse from "escalating" while Walt glares silently at his former partner.

Saul then, gingerly, broaches the subject of the 50% payment that Walt was "mistakenly" given by Gus, but before Saul can even finish his spiel, Walt tosses the bag of money onto Saul's desk and says it's Jesse's to keep. While Saul wishful-thinkingly compliments how well everybody's getting along now, Walt turns his venomous glare directly at Jesse and tells him to enjoy the money, because it's the last he'll ever make in this business. Walt, deriving cruel pleasure from breaking this news, tells Jesse that Gus was only using him to get Walt to start cooking again, and that now he's entered into an arrangement with him. "[Gus] needs someone with expertise. Someone who knows what he's doing. In other words, he needs me." Jesse is shocked that Walt is cooking again, and Walt again bottom lines it for his former student: "I'm in. You're out."

Walt goes to leave on a high note, but Saul leaps to his feet, asking how much Walt's new deal is worth. At hearing the $3 million price tag, he immediately starts groveling to represent Walt again, for a reduced fee, of course. Saul flails around from 17%, but Walt won't budge from 5. Meanwhile, Jesse is probably a little too shocked to see Saul throwing him overboard like this. Come on, Jesse, this kind of weaseling is what Saul was built for. Jesse then gets up in Walt's face, raging that it won't stop him from cooking. Walt says he can cook up as much of the old stuff he wants, but don't even think about cooking Walt's formula. "Just try and stop me," Jesse seethes, leaving the room with a "...bitch!" Walt's face is now almost entirely in shadow, and you're pretty much forced to imagine what lengths Walt will indeed go to do just that.

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