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Saul Goodman is wearing a salmon-shirt/earthtone-patterned tie combination that he certainly thinks is a winning combination (also his blue ribbon, which you remember is for the victims of the air disaster from two seasons ago). He and the Whites are talking front businesses, again, and Saul is trying to sell them on the virtues of a nail salon. Skyler is still not interested -- not that his casual "Mistah we know nah-ting!" racism is winning her over any -- and is sticking with the car wash idea. I love this battle of wills between Skyler and Saul so much. She knows she's got him outgunned when it comes to being able to convince Walt to do shit, but he's constantly pulling back the veil on her attempts to be virtuous about her money-laundering. His attempts to play the "I'm a professional" card are somewhat undercut by Big Tiny Head the bodyguard needing to use Walt's bathroom to relieve some intestinal distress. But getting down to business: They need to find a way to get Bodgon to sell the car wash (for less than $20 million, that is), and after some monster condescension from Saul about Skyler's ham-handed failure of a negotiation last week, Skyler says they just need to do some convincing. Give Bogdon an "attitude adjustment." Saul kind of gives her an "O RLY?" look and starts throwing down examples of how the "attitude adjustment" might look in practice: They could blow Bogdon in for an audit. Skyler says they're not calling unnecessary Internal Revenue attention. Saul: We could call immigration on the illegals he's got working for him. Skyler is aghast at the idea of harming innocent workers. Saul: "Plus you'll need them to work for you." Blammo! Virtue deflated!

Saul suggests making an anonymous call saying they've seen suspicious (and be-turbaned) individuals conspiring at the car wash. Even Walt has to put the brakes on that one -- Bogdon's Romanian, he reminds Saul. So Saul then suggests the classic, "You got a real nice place here. Be a shame if something happened to it." Skyler kind of hilariously blanches at the idea that they'd threaten violence, which is about six layers of awesome, including the one that remembers how Walt once thought he could do business that way, too. In, like, episode one. Saul makes sure Skyler knows he's just taking her lead, re: "Attitude adjustment." He's right. Besides RuPaul, nobody ever means anything good when they use that phrase. "We do not do that," Skyler lectures primly. "That is not who we are." Walt sulks under the weight of what he knows he's already done but agrees with his wife. He also presents the fairly obvious (to him) option of just finding a different car wash to buy, but now it's Skyler's turn to dig in her heels. To her credit, she admits why she's fixating on Bogdon's: he was condescending to her, and he was rude about Walt. Speaking of condescending, Saul says he always appreciates a "passionate woman," but they can't take things personally. Walt, however, is like, "How was he rude about me, exactly?" Skyler tells him about Bogdon's "He's not man enough to face me, he sends his wife instead" business, and immediately, Walt's like, "Yeah, it's gotta be his car wash." I don't know if Skyler planned that little gambit, but if she did, she's got a bright future at this racket. Saul, knowing he's been defeated, resorts to passive-aggressively running down the parameters Skyler has set for him in finding a "nonviolent, unsuspicious way to purchase the car wash that protects the innocent and doesn't cost $20 million." Suggestions aren't exactly flying at this point.

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