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The Devil is in the Details

Hank is busy running out the clock on his sad existence -- watching bowling on ESPN, Hank? Picking the right thing to watch on TV is like the ONE thing you can do, and you can't even make THAT happen? Marie is back home and has returned to her life of trying in vain to make Hank happy. She chirps that he hasn't touched the lunch she made for him. He kind of snorts in her general direction, and she pointedly leaves the rice pudding for him to have later. "I'm not hungry," he snarls at her. "So don't eat it," she deadpans on her way out the room, making me at least a little relieved that she's letting off some steam at home. In the kitchen, Marie zones out, which gives us time to notice that everything in the kitchen is purple, including Marie's shirt. that all about? The art department getting overzealous? Really blunt symbolism? I know Marie tends to favor purple in her ensembles, but if that crossed over into monochromatic obsession, I must've missed that part. Anyway, the doorbell rings, and it's Hank's cop friend who helped Marie out of trouble (we don't get a name, but he kind of reminds me of "Ya Heard, with Perd" from Parks and Recreation," so "Perd" it will be until we get more information. Marie at first tenses up, like there's something wrong, but Perd just wants to visit Hank. At this, Marie happily (gratefully?) lets him in.

Marie brings Perd into Hank's bedroom, where Hank shittily grunts, "What'd she do now, rob a bank?" This is enough to drive Marie from the room, ending a sad week for her on a sad note. Hank saves whatever "charm" he can manage for Perd, which almost makes his shittiness towards Marie worse -- though he does acknowledge, as he's thanking Perd for getting Marie out of trouble, that she's had a rough time with him in this condition. Okay, Hank, I'm placated. We also see Hank has started eating his rice pudding, which is either the ultimate in stubbornness or another small act of contrition. After small talk about the rocks (they're minerals and he catalogs them, remember), Perd gets to business: he wants Hank's help on a case. Hank: "What am I, Ironside?" But Perd's not doing this out of pity: he needs some DEA insight, but not from someone who will make this a DEA case, if you follow. The case: the murder of Gale Boetticher. GULP. Perd produces Gale's notebook -- the one we knew from the season premiere would be a whole lot of trouble. Indeed, inside they found all his notes on cooking and America's Meth Kitchen. Perd -- who we finally find out is "Tim," though now I'm kind of attached to Perd -- finally gets Hank to agree to let him leave the notebook for Hank to look at and get back to him. Perd leaves and Hank goes back to his bowling, Chekhov's notebook sitting over in the corner.

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