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The Devil is in the Details

Meanwhile, outside, that person who I suspected was watching Jesse's house from a parked car is indeed watching Jesse's house from a parked car. Gus's new Victor, it seems. I'd suggest investing in turtlenecks, guy. Or chainmail.

Back at the White house, Walter is popping a bottle of champagne so he and Skyler can toast her car wash triumph. He toasts to "clean cars and clean money," which is a little on the nose, but I'll take it. Walt even comes close to self-awareness with his surely-ironic "See? I told you we'd get it." He tells her he's seriously impressed by the work she did, though he does try to give Saul some credit, for finding the fake EPA guy. Skyler manages to be magnanimous in victory, and the two share a laugh over the idea of throwing poor Saul a crap of credit for the endeavor. The joy, as always, is short-lived, as Skyler compliments the bubbly, and Walt's like, "It had better be, at $320 a bottle." This sets off Skyler's self-preservation alarm, as she tells Walt he can't be doing that thing, as they're supposed to be currently broke. He's "waiting on an unemployment check," and they can't afford to be making suspicious moves like this for no reason. Walt's position -- that nobody would ever notice a one-time cash purchase of one bottle of champagne -- isn't unreasonable, but it's certainly the more reckless of the two. Or, if we're talking Walt's more reliable traits, it's the more arrogant of the two. He's gets defensive, of course, saying that he's not going to APOLOGIZE for wanting to celebrate with his wife. "I'm not asking you to apologize," she says. "I'm asking you to be smart." She brings up Watergate, which is kind of hilarious (Walt: "I'm Nixon now," like that's somehow beyond the pale for a meth-dealing murderer). But her point is pretty solid: "The devil is in the details." One little mistake could ruin them. I half-expect Walter to pour the champagne down the drain, in a Barbara-Hershey-in-Black-Swan style fit, but he calms down. And Skyler, in a pretty cool olive branch of a gesture, hands him his glass, toasts him, and invites him to help her "destroy the evidence."

Back at Hank's, it's the middle of the night and he's watching City Council hearings on public access TV. This seriously offends me more than anything else he's done this season. WATCH BETTER TV, HANK. He's also grazing from his bag of Cheetos that Marie obviously did go back to the store and get him, which makes me love her more (and also hate him more). Eventually, city politics and mineral cataloging become too boring even for him, and he gets to the business we all knew he'd get to eventually: he picks up Gale's lab notebook. Back into the hornet's nest.

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