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Next thing we know, Walt is Saul's office, trying to blend into the furniture as Saul finishes up a schmooze-heavy phone conversation with whoever's palm he had to grease to get Walt's car-burning charges bumped down to "Misdemeanor Trash-Burning." Of course, there are fines and penalties, to the tune of $52,000 (!!) -- all so Walt wouldn't have to drop $800 to the car dealership. This seems like a decent metaphor for how Walt has been conducting his life lately. Walt is unenthused by Saul's heroics; Saul thinks he deserves at least an "atta boy" for keeping the case out of the system (and thus keeping Skyler from finding out). But Walt is still bummed about the whole "Gus is going to kill me before I can kill him" thing. Oh, are we back on THAT again. Saul's like, "I thought Pinkman said he needs you too much." The "Pinkman says" part of that really bothers Walt, but he plows ahead to ask Saul about finding a "third party" to help him with his problem. Saul knows he means a hitman, to which he responds, "That's what the kids call epic fail." Oh, Saul. So hip. Walt just wants a phone number for a guy, but Saul's problem is that all the assassins he knows, he knows through Mike. And even if they go fishing out of network for someone, what are the odds that he'll be able to get past Mike to get the job done. I love the symmetry of Walt's two closest criminal cohorts deferring so much to Mike. That has REALLY got to bother Walt. Anyway, Saul's point is that merely "winging" Gus Fring isn't going to help anybody's situation. Walt is frustrated that he can't get near Gus himself. To which Saul's like, "Why don't you ask your partner about that last part?"

Cut to Jesse's house, where he's painting the walls back into non-horrifying shape (he's never gonna get the meth smell out of them, though). Walt is angry that Jesse told Saul about his talk with Gus before he told Walt. Okay, 1) Oh, after Walt was such a sweetheart to Jesse earlier?? But more importantly, 2) This is now two mentions of Jesse and Saul having conversations with Walt not present. Obviously, this is feeding into Walt's resentment, but it also makes you wonder what conversations may be happening that we're not privy too. Walt is interested in how close Jesse was able to get to Gus (answer: close enough). Jesse explains how it all went down, that Gus told him "I see things in people." Walt is again dismissive that this could possibly be true, and again, he's right, but he's an asshole. He again calls Jesse's current position at Mike's right hand into question, but this time he takes a slightly different angle: "Does he think you're that naïve?" Ah, reverse psychology. Gus can't think Jesse would possibly forget everything he's put Jesse though. He puts special emphasis on Jesse's "girlfriend" the sad fate of her little brother. (Oh, you mean the girlfriend that Walt didn't watch choke on her own vomit while he did nothing?) "The man looked you straight in the eye and told you no more children," Walt reminds him, "but that very night, that boy got killed." Gus can't possibly think Jesse is that "weak-willed." Again, reverse-psychology is a better tactic than Walt had been going with. But Jesse still sees right through it. He tells Walt to cut the sales pitch -- "I'll do it!" Do what, exactly? "I'll kill him. First chance I get."

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