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Putting It Down

Hank struggles to emerge from the car in the Pollos parking lot. He's with Junior, and as he struggles his way across the lot, he jokes that they make "quite a pair." Junior says they could do drive-thru, but Hank is determined. This is not self-hating Hank from earlier this season; this is road-to-recovery Hank. Inside, Junior is explaining his pimped out Challenger, and Hank is beyond incredulous that Walt would have made such a purchase. But his incredulity fades after Junior explains that he had to give it back; chalking it up to a misguided impulse on Walt and Skyler's part to please their only son. Hank gives Junior a lesson: if he'd have gone for the used car, he'd still have it. Yeah, maybe Walt could've used that same advice. Suddenly, Gus approaches their table and greets Hank warmly. In the future, he says, a DEA hero like Hank eats for free. He asks after Junior's parents (as we all gulp at home) and offers him part-time work should he ever want it. Ohhhh, that could get messy down the road. Gus then offers Hank and Junior a refill, and Hank says he'll take a Diet Coke. Gus fills him up -- and we get a POV shot of the soda machine, I SWEAR TO GOD. Later, out at the car, Hank dumps out the Diet Coke and, out of Junior's sight, puts the beverage cup into an evidence bag.

After the break, Mike is driving, with Jesse in the passenger seat, a veggie snack platter on his lap. Today's going to be a busy day, Mike says, and his only instructions to Jesse are to keep his eyes open and mouth shut. They arrive at Gus's managerial outpost -- the chicken farm with the administrative trailer where Gus held the summit that took Jesse to task last year. This year, Jesse's on the team; or at least he's holding the snacks. Gus looks very serious, anticipating the upcoming summit with the Mexican cartel. Mike tasks Jesse with making coffee, which Jesse immediately recognizes as a prime opportunity to use his ricin dose. But he's interrupted by Mike, who hands Jesse a gun. Trust! Responsibility! Mentorship! Obviously, this means Jesse will keep the ricin to himself for now.

Gus has set up at least five chairs for the cartel delegation, but they only send one guy. They sit down to deal. Gus offers a one-time payment of $50 million, in return for the cartel leaving him the fuck alone; "an absolute severance." SpokesMexican says he speaks for his "employers" when he says, "You know what the cartel wants." ( we? Do they want Heisenberg?) "Anything else would be a waste of time." So the question is put to Gus: yes or no? Gus is like, "This is no way to begin a negotiation." SpokesMexican: "This is not a negotiation." Well!

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