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Mexico. Gus, Mike and Jesse are blindfolded on the drive to the cartel's lab. So weird to see Gus hold his glasses in his hands. We also get a shot of Jesse's raw knuckles after the fight. They arrive at the lab, where they meet with the delegate/sniper, Gaff, and an unnamed Mexican chemist who is clearly the guy in charge of the lab. He gets immediately bitchy about how Jesse does not look like a chemist. Is this a joke? Mexichemist is speaking Spanish, by the way, so all of this is directed at Gus. Gaff, is like, "So we've all been introduced; let's get on with it." Jesse looks at equipment and eventually asks where they keep the phenylacetic acid. Mexichemist says they synthesize their own. This throws Jesse who pulls Gus aside. He says he doesn't -- can't -- do that. He gets his phenylacetic acid from the barrell marked "B." Jesse's more of a Duncan Hines meth cook, see. Gus turns back to Mexichemist and says that Jesse was told that the phenylacetic acid would be ready when he arrived. Mexichemist sees through Gus's wordplay and wonders what kind of third-rate chemist can't produce phenylacetic acid. Jesse doesn't know Spanish, but he knows when someone's calling him an infant who can't cook. He tells Gus, while staring at Mexichemist, to tell this asshole that he was brought in to cook his product. And if Mexichemist wants to learn, he's gotta do it Jesse's way. Nice to see Jesse taking Gus's lead -- when the circumstances aren't in your favor, bluff.

Mexichemist then reveals he speaks English. So he heard Jesse admit he can't make phenylacetic acid. But, as Jesse points out, he also knows he's been called an asshole. "Now go get me my phenylacetic acid, asshole." Gaff is like, cut the shit, how long 'til you can get him his acid? Mexichemist says a couple hours at least. Since Jesse's now on a roll, he says they can use those couple hours to talk about the shabby state of the lab here. He peeks into vats and proclaims the whole place filthy. It's true -- it's no America's Meth Kitchen. Part of this is Jesse strategically puffing his chest out to seem more authoritative, but part of this is also Jesse using Walt's lessons about how to make superior product. Has there ever been any doubt that Walter's OCD attention to cleanliness and eliminating all contaminants has been the secret to Heisenberg's success? Just ask that damned fly. "Who do you think you are?" Mexichemist asks. Jesse: "I'm the guy your boss brought here to show you how it's done." And if this is how Mexichemist runs his lab, Jesse's not surprised. Let's take the occasion of this Jesse closeup to note the state of Jesse's bruised face. The fallout from that fight is being kept fresh in our minds. Anyway, Jesse suggests Mexichemist stop whining "like a little bitch" and do what he says. At this, Mike smiles. Gus smiles. PRIDE! Defeated, Mexichemist calls for his men to get cleaning.

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