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White Wash. Saul has stopped by to update Skyler on the day's earlier meeting with Ted. These two are as warm towards each other as ever -- Skyler bitches that Saul is too recognizable a face to show up at the car wash without raising suspicions. He does have his face all over those bus benches, after all. Saul, meanwhile, wants Skyler to know what a terrible idea this whole float-Ted-money thing is. Skyler takes the high road by NOT telling Saul what a bad idea that purple-tie-on-salmon-shirt ensemble is, instead calmly saying that this harebrained scheme is preferable to prison. But Saul has some cold water to throw on her: after he handed Ted the cash, he waited a whole afternoon before he pulled Ted's credit report. He shows Skyler that Ted went and bought a Mercedes yesterday immediately after getting the money. Saul is relatively restrained in saying "I told you so" (though he does explicitly say "I told you so"). Skyler, meanwhile, has her jaw set. "Where is he now?" she asks. OH SHIT.

Walt wakes to find his glasses repaired and Junior asleep on the couch. Walt rather sweetly wakes him up by stroking his face. Junior assures Walt he covered for him with Skyler, and then asks his dad how he's doing. Walt explains that he took painkillers and booze last night -- he's explaining not the fight, I think, but the loopy and forthcoming condition in which Junior found him last night. Yesterday, he regretted the fight (and by extension, his betrayal of Jesse); this morning, he regrets crying in front of his son. Junior assures him it's fine, but Walt is emphatic: "I don't want you to think of me like you saw me last night." Junior doesn't understand, so Walt explains with a story about his own father, who died when he was six. He had Huntington's disease and basically wasted away before Walt could even remember him. All he knew about his father he knew from stories his mother told him. She thought she was painting a picture of this man for Walter, but the truth was, Walt's picture of his father came from the one memory he had of him. Right before he died, Walt was taken to the hospital to see him. He recalls for Junior the stench of cleaning products designed to cover up the smell of death and dying. He remembers the sight of his dad, "all twisted up" and unresponsive and frightening to a six-year-old. He describes his dad's death rattle, how frightening that must've sounded to a child. So you can see how Walt might be obsessed with the way Junior will remember him, and he doesn't want last night to be that image. Junior, my total hero, says, "Remembering you that way wouldn't be so bad." Better than remembering him as the way he's been this whole last year. "At least last night, you were real." You would hope this lands with Walt. Certainly this idea of how his family will remember him when he's gone has been a prime motivator for Walt throughout the series. Maybe Junior's words will allow him to make choices beyond considerations of what will make him look most like a badass from beyond the grave.

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