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As Junior pulls away, up pulls Tyrus, who dickishly reminds him that he should be at work. Not the time, Tyrus!

Ted's office. Which is a mess of ledgers strewn about. Ted's on the phone talking about getting the business up and running again. Skyler is playing it cool, just seeing how things are going. "Things took a turn," he says. "Kinda crazy. Universe trying to tell me something." So he's getting the business back up again! Skyler feigns surprise and gets him to tell her about his "unexpected cash infusion." She points out the Mercedes in the parking lot, which he fluffs off as part of "presenting that successful image." Skyler's like, so the IRS is resolved, then? You paid them? Oh not yet! Ted's decided to get a lawyer and fight it, get a better deal. That's no good for Skyler because it means the investigation persists, with the government even more motivated to dig further and find more dirt on Ted (and by extension her). She's like, "You won't get a better deal. Pay your damn back taxes already." Ted says his priorities are getting his employees back to work again, which, credit to Ted, he's a doofus and he bought himself a Mercedes, but he does seem to be genuinely concerned with the welfare of his employees. Skyler tries to sell the idea that, for his employees, it's best that Ted get his own house in order first (also valid, if self-motivated). Ted gets prickly with Skyler; this is his money; this is not Skyler's call. They go back and forth like this, Skyler telling him he needs to pay the IRS now, and Ted telling her she's not the boss of him. Finally, he (wussily) shows her the door, so Skyler has to pull out the big guns: "From whom exactly do you think you got that $600,000, Ted? Great Aunt Birgit?" Ted: "That was you?" This guy! He catches on quick.

After the break, if you feel your blood running cold and all your muscles tensing up, that is the perfectly correct reaction, because Gus Fring has returned to poolside at Don Eladio's compound. Mike and Jesse hang out in the background, while Gus stands in the exact spot where his partner Max was murdered in front of his very eyes. He stares at his reflection in the water. Some shit is going to happen, you guys. He takes a tiny pill box out of his pocket and swallows to brown capsules out of it. Meanwhile, Jesse and Mike sit over at a table with the box with the bow on it. Jesse is freaking out about that whole "all your meth cooks are belong to us" thing. Mike is blunt and oddly reassuring: "Either we all go home or none of us do." Then he tells him to settle down. Mike's an awesome dad.

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Breaking Bad




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