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Eladio's army of capos files out, like the members of a tan suit society. Eladio has eschewed his track suit of old for a more dad-like khakis and a button-down. After a wait of a billion years, and one terribly insincere greeting (oh, it's time for hugs, is it?), Eladio tells Gus he's so happy he "finally came to [his] senses." Gus won't allow himself to exchange in pleasantries, but instead very professionally presents Jesse as "the cook." He instructs Jesse to "address him as Don Eladio -- it's a term of respect." Eladio immediately knows Jesse doesn't speak Spanish and sneers about, though he does shout down Mexichemist's bitchery about what an amateur Jesse is. Besides, he'll have plenty of time to learn Spanish once he's living permanently in Mexico. Eladio then spots the gift box; Gus says it's a token of respect in honor of their new friendship. Eladio looks to Gaff, who nods in that "I checked it out." Inside is an expensive bottle of tequila, and Eladio is honestly thrilled by it. "Perhaps it's too good to share," he muses with ultimate self-satisfaction. But of course, how else can he assert his dominance over everybody else if he doesn't demand they all partake in a toast? Smiling, he threatens his servants as they pour shots that he'll cut off their hands if they spill a drop. Everyone gets a shot, but Gus stops Eladio before he hands one to Jesse. He's a recovering addict, Gus explains, and he's not allowed to go off the wagon while he's cooking. Eladio surprisingly goes along with that. Gus toasts with a "Salud," but before they drink, Eladio has a moment of suspicion. He waits. They all wait. So Gus downs his shot first, never once breaking eye contact. Eladio happily nods, and they all drink. Party time! Bring out the girls!

Cut to pool party fun times. Jesse sits along, wondering when's the part where he doesn't have to live in Mexico. He's too conflicted to even accept a cigar from a bikini-clad floozy, at least not without resistance. Gus, meanwhile, sits upright by himself, still staring into the pool. Eladio sits by him and is basically like, "Cheer up, Charlie, I'm totally not mad at you for the way I sabotaged your business and basically forced you at gunpoint into this agreement. Kind of like I'm totally not mad at you for making me kill your partner. You just kind of ask for it every twenty years or so. Totally nothing personal!" Gus doesn't respond, instead asking to use the bathroom. Eladio is annoyed, so he sends a goon with Gus to show him the way.

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