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Inside the bathroom, as you may have been expecting, Gus removes his jacket, starts the water running to mask the sound, places a towel delicately on the floor (love that touch), kneels down on it, sticks a finger down his throat, and begins puking up the tequila shot.

Outside, Eladio is ogling a girl when he drops his cigar into the pool. He spots various capos all over the patio, dropping to the ground. He stumbles into a table as Gaff, who did not partake in the tequila, makes a beeline for him, but Mike runs up behind him with some garroting wire.

Back to Gus in the bathroom, washing his hands and putting his jacket back on. He steps over the body of the goon on his way out the bathroom and saunters outside to find Mike choking the life out of Gaff and Eladio struggling to remain upright. Okay, Eladio is a bastard, but: the constitution on this guy! Everybody else is cold on the ground and he's still hanging on. Of course, he only lasts long enough for Gus to get into his line of sight. So happy that Gus was able to make sure Eladio knew he had his revenge. Eladio falls dead into the pool, and Mike tells Jesse to make himself useful and find a gun. Jesse, watching this all unfold with eyes as wide as ours, scrambles among the corpses for a weapon.

Mike retrieves the chain from around Eladio's neck just as Gus collapses into a chair. Guess he absorbed more of the poison than he was able to puke up and/or than those pills were able to counteract. (Naturally, he'd spent the past several years building up a resistance to iocaine powder.) Jesse (and Mike kinda too) panic at the sight of Gus faltering. They hear noises from inside the house, so Gus musters as much wherewithal as he can to yell: "Don Eladio is dead! His capos are dead! You have no one left to fight for! Fill your pockets and leave in peace! Or fight me and die!" BAD ASS!

Mike hopes to hell that works. He and Jesse walk Gus out to the cars as whores and servants scramble out with as many valuables as they can carry. Stray cash flutters around in the dust. Jesse finds them a car that's open, just as one intrepid Eladio loyalist takes a shot at Los Pollos Hermanos Nuevos as they load Gus inside. The bullet breaks the driver's side window and appears to either strike Mike in the torso or blast a whole lotta broken glass up in there. Jesse fires back -- with a nice visual callback to the videogame he played earlier in the season -- and kills the guy. He runs to Mike, who is apparently okay? Enough to tell Jesse to drive them all out of here. Jesse's "How I Spent My Spring Break" essay is going to be REALLY entertaining!

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