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At home, Skyler sits at the dinner table and eats what appears to be a microwave dinner all alone. She put her little tray on a proper dinner plate, though, so there's that. Offscreen, we hear the telltale beep of the microwave, so that must be Walt. He sits down, pulls the plastic off his own tray, and starts eating (you gotta stir that that first, Walt!). He starts to talk about the new guy he's working with, and at that, Skyler slowly folds her napkin, takes her Big Carl-sized wine glass, and walks out of the room without saying a word. Her microwave tray remains on the table. No doubt Walt sees having to throw his wife's trash away to be an unforgivable insult.

Cut to Walt the next day in Hank's office, once again breaking down into tears over his crumbling marriage. Hank is still understanding, but now it's kind of awkward for him. Remember how last time he fled the room when the tears started? Looks like Walt's using that discomfort to his advantage yet again. He "casually" asks if Hank could maybe get him some coffee, and Hank leaps at the chance, which of course gives Walt the opportunity to remove the bugs he planted weeks ago. Hank returns, but he's pulled aside by Gomez, just outside his office door. Gomie has great news: Wachsberger folded under the pressure and has agreed to roll over on Mike -- I guess since he's not officially Mike's lawyer, no privilege applies? Anyway, when Hank says "He's willing to give us Ehrmantraut," Walt delivers what I'm going to call a Dry Spit-Take. It's that dramatic as he turns around and bugs his eyes out. Also, how INCREDIBLY CONVENIENT that Walt was in the one place in the universe he had to be to overhear this information. As Hank and Gomie high-five (dorks), Walt's eyes dart around. He needs a plan, fast.

After the break, Mike's in the park, doing his crossword puzzle and watching Kaylee on the swings, when he gets a call from Dan asking him if he can talk about a small situation with the money. He wants to talk in person, and he wants to talk now. He gets an unguarded Mike to tell him he's at the park in Palomina, and then is super squirrelly as he's like, "Yeah, yeah that'll work!" Fuckin' rat lawyers. Mike's gears are already turning -- you get the feeling he'd have figured this one out anyway -- but a phone call from Walt immediately thereafter spells it out: somebody flipped, and the D.E.A. is coming for him NOW. Mike stands up in time to see a cop car pulls up to the other side of the park. He starts to call out to Kaylee but realizes his can't risk it. So he hides behind a tree, watches another cop car pull up, and weighs his options. Is this how things end with his beloved granddaughter? He leaves her abandoned on the swingset and goes into hiding forever? I guess it's better than her having to watch him get hauled in by the cops. All these thoughts are scrolling down Mike's face as he makes the decision.

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