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Bang! What's Up With That Thang?

Back in Mike's car, Jesse's nihilistic façade is showing the first signs of cracking. He's letting some genuine concern for his life creep in. Mike is utterly inscrutable as he pulls off the highway. "What you told Mr. White was just bullshit, right?" asks Jesse, as he stealthily pulls his keys out of his pocket and grasps them with his fist, so the keys stick out between in his fingers like spikes. "What do you care?" Mike asks. "Don't," fronts Jesse, who makes a feeble threat against Mike's good ear. They pull up to an outpost with a lonely windmill, and Mike gets shovels out of the trunk. This looks bad. Jesse is clutching his key-spikes as Mike heads out to a clearing and starts digging. But rather than carve out a Jesse-sized grave, Mike produces a sack of something that had been concealed in a well. Looks like a money drop. After throwing the sack into the car, Mike looks back at Jesse. "You comin'?" he asks, saying he's got six more pickups to make today, and he would like to finish before dark. Jesse slowly puts his keys back in pocket. So it turns out, what Mike said to Walter wasn't bullshit at all.

After the break, Hank is entertaining Perd (really Tim, but I've grown fond of referring to him as his Parks and Recreation doppelganger) and flip-booking Gale's page-corner animated drawings, because, of course, Gale did that. "He's like Scarface had sex with Mr. Rogers," Hank notes mirthfully. He's also our Heisenberg. Perd asks Hank if he has any theories on the murder, but Hank doesn't have any ideas. The only other people he's connected to the blue meth are "beanie-wearing jizz stain" Brandon "Badger" Mahew (slow your roll, Hank), and Jesse Pinkman, who ... well, there was some unpleasantness there, ahem. Perd's like, "I heard." He shows Hank a sketch of a "person of interest," which is, of course, Victor (R.I.P.), but Hank begs off any further involvement. Finding Heisenberg has provided closure for him. He gives a definitive "I'm done," and Perd can't say much to counter that. But as he packs up the file, Hank can't help but look on with what may be regret.

Back to our road warriors, Mike makes a warehouse pickup while Jesse hilariously "stands guard," his head on a swivel. Mike takes one look at him and, annoyed, says he doesn't need to do that. But Jesse thinks he's supposed to be the backup, right? In a "guard-type capacity." So why doesn't he get a gun? Mike turns him down flat, and Jesse sulks. Mike won't even let him have a cigarette. This leads to a time-lapse montage of Jesse farting around while Mike does the work. Watch as Jesse leans on the car, lays on the car, sleeps against the window, twitters his lips, stretches his face, fiddles with the radio knobs, fingers his cigarette pack, yawns, and blindfolds himself with his seatbelt. He's never been more attractive to me. Finally, he accuses Mike of trying to bore him to death. He also notes that these dead drops are similar to what he and his boys used to do (albeit with FAR smaller sums of cash). The idea, as it must be for Gus, is to maintain a separation between chain and supplier and reduce risk. This burnout knows his shit. Not sure if Mike's taking note. But Jesse is clued in to what they're doing. (Well, look who's engaged in his own life now?) He's here to do a job, and "if I'm the guy, you should just tell me what the hell's up." Well, that's enough to get Mike to pull the car off the side of the road. "You are not the guy," he says, not mincing words. "You are not capable of being the guy. I had a guy, but now I don't. You! Are! Not! The Guy!" Cool takedown, but interesting for a couple of points: 1) Seems Mike was closer to Victor than we previously thought, or at least fond of him; how pissed must he be that Walt got to keep his protégée while he lost his? And 2) Mike admits he has no say in Jesse being there, another example of how entirely powerless he is in Gus's regime. I'm telling you, Mike is going to swing the balance of this season. He orders Jesse to sit, shut up, and stay in the car.

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