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Bang! What's Up With That Thang?

Now it's night, and Mike and Jesse pull into an alley for their final pickup. While Jesse waits in the car -- drumming on the dash and yawning -- a car pulls up at the end of the alley, and some dude gets out with a shotgun. Again, any time I encounter the episode title within the story, I'm expecting something awful to happen. Jesse manages to spot the guy just in time; thinking quickly, and from the passenger seat, he throws the car in reverse. Shotgun dives for cover as Jesse rams the car he just got out of. Jesse then hoists himself into the driver's seat and hauls off, with Shotgun and his driver close behind him. Mike runs out with his bag of money to find both cars gone in a cloud of dust. Cut to Mike wandering the streets of this awful neighborhood alone, calling to someone or other in the Fring organization for a pickup. But no, cancel that, because here's Jesse, pulling up in the car. He breathlessly recaps the events for Mike, who merely says, "I saw." Like a withholding father, this one. Exhausted, Jesse pulls out a cig, then dejectedly hesitates as he remembers the no-smoking rule. Mike finally softens, just a bit: "Go ahead, kid. Smoke up." Aw! Dad's letting him smoke in the car!

The next morning, Walt's at home, making coffee in the kitchen. Junior joins him and surprises Walt by asking for a coffee. He drinks it black, of all things. He struggles a bit to find the right words for his dad, eventually settling on, "It's really cool to have you here." Aw, Junior. He asks about Walt moving back in -- Mom says moving day is Tuesday. Walt pulls a suuper O RLY face, bristling at the notion that Skyler not only made up his mind for him, but set a date. "Tuesday, is it?" he asks. How about that." He then looks at the mug Junior's drinking out of. It's a Beneke mug. An "I fucked Ted" Beneke mug. Oh, that'll do wonders for Walt's mood.

Walt shows up at the lab and hears pounding noises from down in the pit. And despite the fact that that can rarely be good, it turns out to be Jesse! Breaking up the sheets of "ice" (street term!). He's also acting like the previous day's craziness ain't no thang. Walt's all "WTF?! Why aren't you as traumatized by yesterday as I was?" Jesse explains the pickups and the guarding, to which Walter responds with a level of incredulity that must seem pretty obnoxious to Jesse. "You guarded Mike? Is this a joke?" Now it's Jesse's turn to bristle -- he took care of business with that guy with the shotgun all right? Nothing gets to me more than Jesse trying to prove his worth to Walt. Jesse then sneers that Walt should get to work and they need to hurry up, because I'm meeting Mike this afternoon: "Guess I have two jobs now." Jesse defiantly earbuds up, proving that even if Mike's given him a will to live, he can still effectively shut Walter out. So there's this rift now, which is very possibly what Gus had in mind all along when he sent Mike and Jesse out on their little vision quest. And just when Walt was expressing paternal concern for the kid, too.

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