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Bang! What's Up With That Thang?

Meanwhile, at El Pollo Knockoffo, Gus is taking out the trash (uh, literally, in this case), and he sees Mike parked in the lot. He slides into the car and asks if there were any injuries last night. Mike says only minor one, and it overall went according to plan. Gus will reimburse damage to Mike's vehicle. Ah, so Shotgun was a total setup. "Questions?" Gus asks. "More than a few, yeah," Mike half-laughs. "But I know better than to ask." Just like Gus wanted, Mike says, "The kid's a hero." As Gus leaves the car, Mike still looks like he's having way more thoughts than a man in his position should.

That night at Hank and Marie's, Walt's already pouting over his glass of (undoubtedly cheap) wine. Between his wounded pride at Skyler's moving-day usurping, and getting snubbed by Jesse, he's in a mood to stew in his own juices. Meanwhile, Skyler talks about the car wash like she owns the place (...which she does). Marie thinks they should put Holly on the sign, "like the Gerber baby." Oh, Marie. I love you and I love your purple placemats. I love how this was the week that Marie's obsession with purple finally reached critical mass. Walt finishes his wine and heads to the kitchen to open another bottle. He's filled with hilarious rage and has no place to put it, so it looks like he'll swallow it with some vino. In the kitchen, he pours himself a glass and drinks it alone. Well, his bitterness is company enough. He pours another, but Hank calls "Nick the Greek" out on his anti-social behavior. Back in the dining room, Marie and Junior haggle over whether "Nick the Greek" is offensive. Skyler wants the subject changed, so Junior suggests an update on "the case of the crazy singing guy." (Skyler: "That sounds like an Encyclopedia Brown story.") Hank explains about Gale the 5-star meth chef. The Eric Ripert of crank! He waxes poetic about Gale's genius as the camera stays on Walt's face as he gets angrier and angrier.

Finally, Walt, clearly drunk, interrupts and takes exception to Hank calling Gale a "genius." Here is Walter White as his smallest, his most petty, and his most self-destructive. At the end of the day, what's it all worth if he can't be the smartest guy in the room? Dead or alive. After HIS careful examination of the notebook, see, it's totally clear to him that "all this brilliance is just simple rote copying ... probably of someone else's work." Have a drink, Walt. You're clearly earning it. Hank is crestfallen by Walt popping his bubble, but Walt persists. "This genius of yours," he semi-slurs into his glass, "maybe he's still out there?" CLASSIC WALT, that asshole. Skyler's face could melt glass right now. Walt takes a pissy, triumphant swig.

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