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Bang! What's Up With That Thang?

The next morning, Hank's out of his bedroom -- good news, Walt, you provided motivation! He's back into the Gale file, of course. Marie (and her lavender reusable grocery bags, God love her) returns home, and when she offers to make coffee, Hank is actually gracious about it! Miracle of miracles. He looks at evidence photos of the crime scene and twigs to one. Marie asks what's up, and Hank explains: Gale's eating habits were almost exclusively organic, fair-trade, vegan, hippie stuff. So why does he have a Pollos wrapper with a code of some kind written on it? Hey, Walt, this one's on YOU.

Joe R really likes Skyler's new haircut, but not as much as Jesse's. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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