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r, just like in the opening segment -- Gus rides out to meet the Cousins at sunset, just like he promised. Their demands remain as unchanged as their demeanor. They want to kill Walt and kill him soon. Gus stands firm: not until he's done with his business with Walt. I've gotta give him credit for standing up to these pants-wettingly scary mofos. He asks why they want him dead so bad. After all, while Walt betrayed Tuco, a DEA agent was the one who actually killed their cousin. One Cousin says Juan Bolsa (remember Juanny Sack?) says that DEA agents are off limits. Gus is all, "Bolsa is not the boss of my territory." He gives them permission to basically terminate this DEA agent with extreme prejudice, in order to satisfy their bloodlust (and get them out of his hair).

"The agent's name," says Gus, with all the finality of a judge and jury, "is Hank Schrader." We cut to a dazzling longshot of the setting sun behind three bad men planning the murder of a good man. Gus adds, "May his death satisfy you." Yikes.

Joe R is pretty sure Hank's death would not satisfy him at all. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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