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When we return, we get a long shot of the interior of a bar, light streaming in from the open windows and door, and the only person visible besides the bartender being a burly bald man seated at a table. Of course, that wouldn't completely clarify his identity, were it not for the fact that he's a bit big to be Walt, and we can be pretty sure Hank is still laid up at home. If you're still confused, it's Mike, as a close-up reveals... HOLY SHIT! I just realized where I know the actor from - he was Victor Maitland's henchman, Zack, in Beverly Hills Cop! He had (thinning) hair back then, but the intimidating face and eyes were the same. I cannot believe I just placed that after all this time. Anyway, Mike, as well he might, looks pretty tortured, at least for him. You don't get an image like Victor's slit throat out of your head all that quickly, although I will say that Mike is probably taking the whole thing better than some other people in this episode who may or may not own very large speakers. Someone comes over to refill Mike's coffee, but after Mike absently thanks him, we see him focus on his right jacket sleeve and scrape something off it that looks like it just might be blood. Can't imagine how that got on there. He wets a napkin and gets the rest of the offending stuff off before giving it a good long look, and I wonder if he's just generally bothered by what he witnessed last week or if he's feeling some specific guilt over blabbing to Gus about Victor being seen at the site of Gale's death. (Of course we don't know that Mike even said anything, but given his chagrin at Victor over that point, it's certainly a possibility.) Anyway, Mike looks more and more upset, and I'm sure the idle chatter of the bar employees isn't exactly helping...

...But before we can see if he bursts into tears, starts taking his frustrations out on the furniture, or both, we cut to the Pinkman residence, inside which Jesse is blasting music from some stereo equipment that is in no danger of having any kind of Napoleon complex. Jesse is also smoking and ashing liberally on the floor, relying on a sleek, vigilant Roomba to clean up after him. Well, at least he cares. Florescent lights from the stereo tower play over Jesse's tortured face, and so focused on the machine is he that he doesn't notice the knocking on his window at first. Eventually, though, the insistent rapping (the one coming from outside, I mean) gets his attention, and when he turns his head he sees Badger grinning at him through the window. When Badger heads around to, presumably, the door, you can see Jesse struggle to bring himself to a halfway-social place, and after he pitches his butt onto a pile of them that the overworked Roomba apparently hasn't gotten to yet, he opens the door to find not just Badger but Skinny Pete as well. I almost wrote in the recaplet that he had them over "for old times' sake" until I realized that it's probably been a couple weeks, at most, in the show's timeline since their paths crossed. Damn show being off for over a year HEY I'M NOT COMPLAINING IT'S WORTH THE WAIT. After the usual shoulder-hugs and exchange of "yo"s, Badger compliments Jesse's new "bodacious subwoofers," and truly, only Badger could sell a line like that. Much like Jesse just was, Skinny Pete then gets somewhat hypnotized by the colors coming off the main box, while Jesse does that in-character thing where he rattles off the specs of the system to a degree that would make any floor salesman at Best Buy proud. Jesse then cranks the volume, and the three of them sway to the beat...

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