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In more visual hilarity that's probably bordering on indulgent but somehow doesn't bother me in the slightest, we get a Roomba-eye view of the party carnage, which essentially looks like the last scene in Kids, only messier. That Roomba needs to unionize, I tell you what. The only person in the living room who seems to be at all awake is some douche who starts trying to pry apart the Roomba with a screwdriver, although at this point the poor thing might actually be okay with that fate rather than having to face cleaning up the living room. Jesse then appears, seemingly not much the worse for wear, and after some thong-wearing trash crosses by him, he wakes up Badger, who passes the favor on to Pete with an ass-slap that results in Pete starting up and punching him in shoulder. Badger: "You're way too sensitive about your zone, bro!" Well, I'd imagine he's spent time in prison. Badger and Pete offer to help clean up, which is damn decent of them if you ask me, but Jesse's got another idea -- he gives them some cash to get everyone breakfast and to restock the liquor to keep the party going. Badger seriously looks at Jesse like he just started speaking in tongues, which is one of many reasons to love that guy, but Jesse's serious: "I want this place kickin' harder than a sensei when I get back." He even starts the music blasting on his way out, and while that's not quite as aggressive an act as we saw from Hank earlier, it's in the same league. Jesse closes the door, and as he does, some old dude in a terrible wig bolts upright with a start. He looks suspiciously like Bryan Cranston, so either the show is having a little fun with us, or there's some soapy separated-at-birth twin story heading down the pike.

Off that image, we cut seamlessly to Jesse blaring the same song from his iPod earbuds as he preps for cooking, unaware what murderous thoughts are going through his partner's mind. Speaking of whom, Walt retrieves the gun and holster from where he'd apparently stashed it underneath one of their protective suits, and, very soon after, the upstairs door opens and a man whom Walt must think is Gus enters. Walt looks panicked at the imminent showdown, but gets himself together; with his back to the stairs, he puts his hand on the gun and starts to turn... only to behold a younger African-American man we've never seen before. Well, glad to see Walt at least doesn't have an itchy trigger finger, and what's more, he stopped his turn just soon enough that he was able to cover up the gun before the guy could see it. Walt uncertainly greets him, but Jesse's less surprised, asking if he's the new guy, and the dude affirms that. He seems pretty psyched to be there, so I'm guessing Gus fudged a bit when this guy asked if his predecessor would be training him. Jesse calls the count as 201.6, but Mike, who's just stepped in upstairs, tells New Victor to double-check it. "New policy." I doubt Jesse's going to be skimming anymore after the crimson fountain he witnessed last week, but I can't see how this can hurt, either. Mike then notices that Walt looks chagrined, and Walt tells him he's like to speak with Gus to try to put, um, the bad blood behind them. Mike, however, can only smirk: "Walter, you're never gonna see him again." It seems possible to view that as a good news/bad news type of situation, but Walt looks like this is the worst development ever. Of course, he did practice his drawing an awful lot.

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