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Night. After a close-up on an American-flag mailbox, we pan over to see Walt's car coming down the street, headlights off. He looks at Gus's house, which despite its bright exterior seems to be returning his look with menace. As dark, ominous music plays, Walt checks the gun in his waistband and then closes his eyes, steeling himself for something I'm still not entirely convinced he's ready to do. But he makes a good show of it, as he deliberately places his signature black hat on his head and grits his teeth into an ugly scowl. He exits the car and starts walking deliberately, measuring out the paces... and on his thirty-seventh step (yes, I counted), as he's almost to Gus's property line, his phone rings. Sensing that this probably isn't a coincidence, he opens his phone... and without waiting for a response, a voice on the other end of the line intones, "Go home, Walter." As I said in the recaplet, CREEPY, and what's more, I think I may have been mistaken when I said the voice belonged to Mike. It really doesn't sound like him, although it doesn't really sound like Gus either, who seems like the only other logical candidate. Anyway, let's put a pin in that for now; the point is, Walt is FREAKED as he impotently looks around, and after an overhead shot of him casting a long and lone shadow, we go to commercial.

Marie is emptying her husband's bedpan, the contents of which are probably the most pleasant thing she's received from him all day, when the doorbell rings. Cut to her opening up and looking rather unpsyched to find a courier with a stack of boxes on a dolly; he asks her if the shipment is a ton of bricks, and she quite understandably allows herself to give in to some passive aggression of her own as she replies with irritation: "Rocks." Heh. Later, she's arranging the shipment (seriously, we're talking at least twenty-five boxes) when Hank calls down to ask if she checked them for damage. If I were in Marie's shoes, I would probably not so much "check for" as "inflict" damage, and not just on the boxes, but Marie's a better person than I am. Seriously, I understand that Hank is going through some serious and well-written shit, but it's maddening to watch, so suffice it to say another mention of "rocks" leads to a diatribe about delivery people and their "ass-raping" ways, and get out of here.

Back over to the car wash, at which Skyler feels confident enough in her research to meet with the owner and his caterpillar-like eyebrows. Of course, if you've seen said eyebrows, you probably didn't need the previouslies to remind you that this is the guy, Bogdan, that Walt worked for at the beginning of the series, and as such was on the receiving end of a rather obscene gesture when Walt had his little temper tantrum and quit. Bogdan plays it cool enough to start, asking if Skyler really wants to get involved in such an elbow-greasy business, and Skyler, Mona Lisa smile firmly in place, replies, "I know a thing or two about scrubbing." At this point I half-expect Sterling Archer to come hopping into frame shouting, "Hooray for metaphors!" Skyler goes on that she's serious, but Bogdan tells her he's spent thirty years of backbreaking effort building this business before quoting her a price of ten million dollars. Skyler takes a moment to determine what kind of course correction this reef he's thrown up in her face warrants, but plows on with her offer of $879,000. Bogdan asks where she came up with that number, insolently adding the question of whether there was some sort of rectal operation involved, but Skyler is so happily in "I'm so glad you asked!" territory that she takes no offense. Instead, she pulls out her briefcase and quotes the results of her research at him -- number of cars averaged per hour, extra revenues and expenses, comps -- in an effort to lead him right to the figure she mentioned like a horse to water. Unfortunately, this horse apparently isn't willing to drink her accounting prowess, as he ups the price to twenty million dollars, which, he explains, is the price for Walter White, the man who quit without giving notice, cursed at him, and -- worst of all -- broke his air fresheners. Hey, that last probably had the most lingering unpleasant effect. Anyway, this discussion is over, but from the look Skyler fixes Bogdan with, I wouldn't be surprised if he wakes up the next morning with a horse's head in his bed. He'll be wanting those air fresheners then.

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