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Yay, a tacky Saul commercial! He references a real event in the show's universe in asking if you might recently have lost a loved one in an aviation disaster, complete with exploding plane effect on the screen. Hee. Mike is watching this in the bar to which he these days apparently pays rent, and at least he's got a gigantic tumbler of whiskey to go with his cup of coffee now. He coughs a few times, which could mean some kind of spin-off for him soon, before languidly toasting the TV on the "Better Call Saul!" conclusion of the ad. The door then opens, and Walt makes his way over to Mike; without turning, Mike announces that Walt might want to learn how to tail better if he's planning on making a habit of it. Well, in Walt's defense, he does have a lot on his plate right now. Walt asks if he can buy Mike a drink, and Mike sighs, "Why not? You make a hell of a lot more than I do." Heh. I found that line kind of stealthily hilarious -- Mike's such a tough guy I always kind of figured he kicked ass and took names for the pure enjoyment of it. After the bartender serves them, Walt essentially tells Mike that he didn't mean for "any of this" to happen. I assume he's mainly referring to Gale, which directly caused Victor, but who knows, he could be on some level apologizing for his entire life since the series started here. Walt gets more specific in saying that he was only protecting Jesse and himself, and tries to create a shared bond between them by saying that he knows that when Mike was going to kill him, he was simply following orders, and he harbors no ill will about it. Of course, you expect Mike to see right through Walt's little bonding effort here, but damn if I didn't really enjoy his bone-dry response of "There's a load off my mind" anyway. Typically undeterred, however, Walt goes on that the last couple weeks have really made "a man" wonder where he stands, and it's some good work from Jonathan Banks to let that one hit him a little despite how INCREDIBLY obvious Walt is being here. Walt mentions Victor by name, and Mike turns to him, but just when Walt thinks he's really getting somewhere, Mike asks, "What's with the piece?" I wouldn't say I particularly like Walt, but I sympathize with him generally; nevertheless, one of the greatest enjoyments I get on this show is seeing his face fall when he realizes someone he's dealing with is a lot smarter than he thought. Mike adds insult to injury when he says he actually first noticed Walt wearing it in the lab, and if it makes him feel better, that's great, "but if push comes to shove it's not gonna help." As I mentioned in the recaplet, I think Mike is obliquely trying to help Walt not get killed here, probably precisely because his loyalties were shaken by the events of last week, but Walt doesn't get the message and presses on that he'll say it explicitly -- what happened to Victor could happen to him, and by the way, what the hell game was Gus playing at there anyway? Mike, patience running thin, tells Walt he won -- he got the job. "Do yourself a favor and learn to take yes for an answer." Heh. Walt, however, will of course never ever do that, and asks Mike to get him in a room with Gus, saying he'll do the rest. After a long pause, Mike asks if he's done, and when Walt affirms that, Mike hauls off and clocks him in the face before kicking him a couple times in the ribs. After watching Walt writhe in pain for a moment, Mike lets out a sigh at the message of his own he was just forced to deliver before thanking Walt for the drink. Heh. But seriously, Walt, do you think Gus got to where he is in life because he's easy to kill?

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