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Previously on Breaking Pointe: Rehearsals moved to the stage in anticipation of the shows opening, and many things went wrong. Allison and Rex had their big knock-down drag-out and Allison pitched a hissy at the conductor. Adam fretted, and Beckanne wondered why everyone was making such a big deal out of these super easy ballets!

This week: Opening night is tomorrow. Time for final stage rehearsals, and probably some nervous purging. Adam says they are expecting an audience of two thousand people, and everyone wants to do their best. Then he explains how people buying tickets works to support the company. I start to wonder if the audience for Breaking Pointe maybe thinks that Ballet West gets their money from magical tutu fairies, because really, this is a bit obvious.

Adam runs down the cast: This is Ronnie's first opening night with Ballet West, which might get him the promotion to principal. This is Beckanne's first solo as a member of a first cast, and Adam expects she will be fantastic. Allison has a lot of responsibilities, which are wearing on her, but Adam is confident she can handle it. Christiana, of course, is awesome, and as he says this Christiana is wearing her costume for "Paquita" over leopard-print leggings, which I find hysterical. Rex is lifting her, and Adam says Rex will be amazing if he's emotionally stable. That is, if Allison doesn't fuck him up again. Likelihood: slim!

It's the day of opening night. Ronnie is going through his pre-show rituals, of which he says he has few (mostly seems to be showering, admiring self in mirror). Christiana, on the other hand, has many rituals. She's having her traditional croissant sandwich and potato chips, which look delicious. Mmm, carbs and fat. Katie and Beckanne are shopping, which Beckanne says is her pre-show ritual. And then Ronald is back from visiting the Denali clan! Yay! Other Tilton brother Ray is in town from San Francisco for opening night. The brothers go out for coffee and discuss how the performing boys are stressed out and of course how Allison is a nightmare. Ray, like his brothers, has ridiculous facial hair and is wearing a stocking cap. He looks like Ashton Kutcher and Orlando Bloom's unwashed spawn.

At the theater, Ronnie is walking around shirtless and getting a soak in. Christiana arrives and starts on her makeup, as does Allison. Allison refreshes us on her many rehearsal freakouts as she glues on her eyelashes. She says she hopes the tempo is right tonight. As the audience arrives, we see Allison's family is here. She's in the hallway backstage, hunched over a barre and looking like she's going to hurl. Ronnie asks if she's okay and talking heads about the old theater chestnut that if you have a bad dress rehearsal, you'll have a good show. Beckanne interjects that you know Ronnie's stressed when he stops flirting. Despite the fact that he is walking around in his costume with his jacket unbuttoned so his nipples are greeting everyone he sees like a particularly eager representatives of the Greater Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce, she says he's not flirting. So for future reference, that is what it looks like.

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