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Second intermission. Ronnie is walking around in his miniscule "Petite Mort" undercrackers. He says for this ballet it's hard not to be shy or inhibited, and this does not seem to be a problem he has ever had. Adam says he's stressed the most about "Petite Mort," because of the props (the giant silk sheet, and also the penis swords). The ballet begins. There is much writhing. Adam says he wasn't sure how the audience would react to "Petite Mort," but they give it a standing ovation. And I'm not even going to make ignorant jokes about the Mormons having the dancers stoned for their audacity, because everyone really did seem to like the show in a mature and grown-up and not-giggling-at-the-swords way. Apologies, Utah.

Backstage, Ronnie and his nipples are pumped. Adam is also very pleased with how things have gone. Beckanne says she doesn't think her opening night could have gone better. Rex says tomorrow is his opening night, with the second cast, and he's going to do the best he can. I'm just amazed he's able to jump with those eyebrows weighing him down.

The next morning, Allison goes out for pizza with her family. She says she can't stop thinking about how badly "Paquita" went, and her dad says he doesn't know what she's so upset about because he thought she looked wonderful. She doesn't even acknowledge the sweetness, and is all, you guys are ignorant because you can't see how much I sucked. Allison's younger sisters look bored to damn tears, and also pissed about how there is no pizza in front of them. Allison's mom says she's very proud of her, and Allison's dad says he's amazed at what Allison has accomplished, because he always wanted to dance en pointe. Which everyone rightly finds hilarious. Allison fills us in on how her parents are divorced, but they still come together to support her. Her dad asks about her ex-boyfriend, Jonathan, and they have a highly unlikely (and, I'm betting, producer-prompted) conversation about Rex. It's very maudlin and manufactured. Her sisters are still like, "Dude, where are our effing pizzas?"

Rehearsal. Adam says that during performance weeks they have rehearsals during the day and performances at night. No one is wearing pointe shoes, presumably so their toes don't bleed and deform any more than necessary. Rex says Allison is shutting him out, and oh my GOD I am so tired of these two. I want someone to dump a bucket of icy Gatorade on both of them, but in a disapproving way. Allison talks to Katie C. about her emotional effed-upped-ness. She says despite the fact that she's being an enormous hosebeast to everyone today, all she's focused on is dancing well in "Emeralds" tonight.

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