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You've Been Ruining Everybody's Lives and Eating All Our Steak

Previously on Breaking Pointe: Cinderelly, Cinderelly. Joshua fell down, Ian is not here to make friends, Allison is thinking about quitting ballet to get married, and a meddling Zach kind of looks like a gerbil.

We open again with the high dramz in Zach and Scott's apartment. Zach is sobbing noisily into his microphone in the bedroom, and Chase looks like he's seriously considering going back to school for that degree in air conditioning repair. Zach comes out and throws a hissy directly into Camera Two. When he says, "I feel like I'm being pushed away," Beckanne's enormous chandelier earrings look ready to push him in front of the light rail. Zach blathers some more about how insecure he feels about his job as Chase looks around the room for implements he can use to saw through his wrists. Beckanne talking heads that she's willing up to put up with Zach for Chase, but I really cannot say the same, oy.

Back at Ballet West, Adam says this is the decision-making week. He has a jaunty red scarf tied around his neck, so you know he means business. Beckanne wants Cinderella. Allison wants Winter Fairy and/or Fairy Godmother. Josh and Zach are competing for Napoleon — Josh feels very confident. Ian is excited to be the Shoemaker or the Coachman. Wendy has this pinched expression that says her toe shoes are too tight.

Cinderella rehearsal: Adam feels good about Christiana playing Cinderella, but if Rex can't dance her prince, she won't get the role, because he's the only man in the company tall enough to partner her. And Rex is still recovering from his injury. Hmm. That is some devious hetero-normative bullshit. Chris talking heads that he wants to play the prince and also an evil stepsister—what?! Does this ballet have drag stepsisters? Why has no one mentioned this before? Chris asks Wendy for tips as he runs through some of the prince's pirouettes. She says it's perfect and they laugh together.

Christiana is concerned about Rex's foot. She is going to cut a bitch if she doesn't get to play a pretty goddamn princess, okay? Wendy very rationally says it's not a good idea to push Rex and possibly injure him worse, which Adam agrees with. Poor Rex, so tall and fragile and masculine eyebrow-ed.

Girls' brunch: Allison, Silver, Liz, and Katie have mimosas and simple carbs and Allison talks some more about The Dread Boyfriend Jonathan and her impending retirement. She says she's excited about making a change in her life, which she wasn't a year ago. She doesn't feel like Adam will promote her past demi-soloist and wants The Dread Boyfriend to see her dance before she hangs up the shoes. Liz is not surprised that Allison is making this decision. Silver wants a bucket of mimosa.

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