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Ronnie's house is covered in balloons and the finest paper crap that Party City has to offer for Katie's going-away party. Ronnie has divested himself of his shirt in a mood of celebration. Ronald gives a toast and the dancers drink green stuff from plastic cups. Allison and Rex are standing next to each other, but not interacting. Ronnie gives a ridiculous, innuendo-filled toast, which Katie enjoys enormously. There seems to be a piƱata in the shape of a pink bustier. These dancers are all just super-toned sixteen-year-olds with no working nerve endings in their feet, aren't they?

Ronald and his stocking cap of sadness take Katie to the airport. She talking heads that she's not good at saying goodbye. Ronald says Katie is his first true love, so this is rough. For their big emotional moment they park themselves at the foot of an escalator, which is just so goddamned rude that I barely hear whatever sweet nothings Ronald is meebling. Something about how he'll love her forever, since they're both immortal and sparkly now. Katie appears to have an actual printed-on-cardstock boarding pass, the kind with the rounded corners. Where do you even get one of those these days? Katie cries about how she feels like she failed Ronald by not being good enough for Ballet West. They exchange I love yous and make out a little and then she gets on that escalator that I guess no one else needed to use, selfish teenagers. My lawn! Etc.

Adam talking heads about what a long, hard season this has been. Yeah, these past six weeks have been a real kick in the face for me too. Christiana and Chris are packing up to go camping and OF COURSE they have an adorable mutt puppy! Adam says she holds the whole company together, and that she's just getting better and better. She interviews that she knows dance won't make her rich or famous and might well cripple her, but that she loves it.

Adam says Beckanne is the future of Ballet West. The future will apparently not involve deep-conditioning treatments. She meets up with a dancer who might be named Amy, and who is presumably less awesome than she is and is therefore suitable as Beckanne's new nonthreatening sidekick. They decide to go shopping and scare the bajillikers out of some poor pedicurist with their gnarled hooves.

Adam turns his attention to Ronald, of whom we have seen precious little these past few weeks. Now that his lady is gone I'm worried he's going to fly to Rome and try to commit suicide-by-sunlight-and-Michael-Sheen (ALL RIGHT! I'm sorry about all the Twilight references! I am a grown woman and suitably ashamed of myself!). Adam says he's still green, but has potential if he focuses. Rex, he says, could be a serious leading dancer. Rex says next year he wants peace and no chaos and to focus on his dancing.

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