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Once Again, From the Top

Last season on Breaking Pointe: We met the dancers and staff of Utah's Ballet West: director Adam; principal dancer Christiana and her cute husband, principal dancer Chris; the prodigiously eyebrowed brothers Tilton, Rex and Ronald; Definitely Straight Ronnie; Allison, the object of Rex's tortured love; and special snowflake prodigy Beckanne. Everyone is super buff and has tremendously mangled feet.

We pick up as the dancers are returning to Salt Lake City from winter break. And it's right back to class for everyone. Adam explains that Ballet West is staging Cinderella this season, and the curtain goes up in five weeks.

In class, Beckanne and Chris make small talk about their vacations. In a talking head Beckanne, who STILL has not TRIMMED her damn SPLIT ENDS, says she feels terrible in her first class back. Maybe she's weighed down by all that frosted blue eye shadow. She voiceovers that last year she wasn't confident and didn't know her place in the company, and, uh, you could've fooled me. Allison, a demisoloist, greets Beckanne and gives a talking head about how much Beckanne has grown up since last year.

Oy, god. Rex is back. He recaps last season's tedious Allison drama. Short version: she is just not that into him. Allison mercifully says she and Rex aren't together anymore. And that's all we'll say about that PLEASE GOD. Christiana diplomatically says she wasn't surprised that Allison and Rex broke up.

Chris, who's been promoted to principal reality show player this year, and hooray for that, stretches and politely inquires after Rex's foot before giving a talking head about how he feels threatened by Rex's youth. I'm now picturing Chris and Christiana as Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter, just caustically surveying all the pipsqueaks and plotting which ones to exile to France.

Rex tore a tendon in his foot and can't jump on it for three weeks. Which is going to make it tough for him to rehearse Cinderella, huh? He's currently a demisoloist and hopes to get promoted to principal this year. (And Ballet West currently only has two male principals, so there seems to be a spot open.)

Adam calls the company to order and class begins. Leaping and dancing and spandex. Corps dancer Joshua introduces himself and his background: he grew up in bad neighborhoods and got picked on for doing ballet. He's the only black male dancer at Ballet West (and I would venture probably the only one in the state of Utah). Adam talking heads politely that while he loves it, the community surrounding Ballet West is not what you'd call diverse, and frets a bit for Joshua.

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