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Once Again, From the Top

Chris makes his apologies and heads home so everyone can have fun with Dad out of the way. Zach badgers Chase and Ian into booty popping with him, and then the shots come out. Drunken pirouettes. Beckanne peels Ronnie's shirt off for body shots. Josh is all, good Lord, white people. Zach thinks Beckanne is humiliating Chase by flirting with everyone at the party, and Chase also seems upset, although he's internalizing it about nine thousand percent more than Zach is. He goes outside to smoke and bitch to Kathryn, one of the other girl dancers.

Ongoing drama party: Beckanne and Chase bicker quietly and she declares them over, then goes off to slurp tequila from Ronnie's navel. Allison watches rapaciously and Zach is almost wetting his knickers with delight, because he just loves a tantrum. Silver's all, Zach needs to cool it, because he's taking Beckanne and Chase's breakup (or "breakup") harder than they are. Rex sensibly asks why he's so upset, and he and Allison both tell him that Beckanne and Chase will have forgotten what they're upset about by tomorrow. That's the beauty of alcohol!

Morning. Allison and her dog, Zipper, video chat with Jonathan. She whines about her hangover and talking heads some more about how she's only considering retiring because Jonathan wants her to, and worries that she'll resent the decision in the future. Yeah, she probably will.

Beckanne shows up for a Zach-ordered debriefing session. As Chase's best friend who's been edged out by Chase dating Beckanne (for only a month, it seems imperative to point out!), he wants a complete analysis of every single detail, which Beckanne is reluctant to give. It seems a bit unhealthy how invested he is in their relationship. If Zach's going to be a gay stereotype, I wish he wouldn't be the catty meddler and instead would force Beckanne's scraggly head into a tub of deep conditioner.

Back to the studio. Adam is evaluating the dancers with casting in mind. Today are tryouts for Cinderella and the Prince. Rex partners Christiana for Wendy to see as Adam says there are five ladies up for the lead: Christiana, Sayaka (dancing with soloist Christopher S., I think), Arolyn (dancing with principal Tom), Katherine (dancing with Chris), and Beckanne (who is running through her steps without a partner due to Ronnie's injury). Adam wants to see artistry and pathos from the dancers for the role.

Christiana and Chris both think that with their seniority, they deserve the lead roles. Rex discusses his rivalry with Chris in a talking head, as he's lifting Chris's wife. Awk-ward. Even though he's injured, he's committed to competing for the lead.

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Breaking Pointe




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