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It's Time to Light the Lights

Previously on Breaking Pointe: Cinderella opened. Zach screwed up a little. Christiana was paranoid and also made some mistakes. And Allison's Dread Boyfriend is a reprehensible shithead who didn't come see her dance, so fuck him right in the ear. Also, your recapper is watching this after 1) the US Open final, 2) Monday Night Football, and 3) several glasses of wine. So hold on to your dance belts.

Aftermath of opening night: Adam proclaims it just "okay." Now we jump forward in time and he says the show has run for two weeks and closing night is coming up. He wants it to be a showstopper. Zach talking heads that his back is killing him after dancing Napoleon for two weeks. Imagine if he'd had to pick up girls, too! Allison tells us that she's done with Dread Boyfriend since he didn't show up for her opening night. FINALLY.

Excellent, excellent shot of Chris in wicked stepsister drag, giant fake nose and all. He makes an oddly attractive woman, in a really warped way? I hope that's the wine talking. He also says his relationship with Christiana is broken so right now he's concentrating on work. Adam emphasizes that these performances are also important for attracting donors, because ticket sales only cover about forty percent of the cost of running the company. So it's super important for ballet-loving rich people to hand them piles of money that they can spend on oboes and glitter.

Morning class. The dancers yawn their way through barre work. Allison looks like she just wants to collapse facedown into a nice soft pile o' Rex, and one of the girl dancers has a League of Their Own–worthy bruise on her shin. Get that lady some arnica. Allison whines that her quads are blown, and Rex says his have been gone since opening night. He reminds us in a talking head that his promotion isn't decided yet.

Beckanne, the only nonwrecked member of the company, hangs over Chase's shoulder while he stretches his plantar fascia and then talking heads about how she's so anxious because this could be the last time she and Chase perform together! Except they don't actually have a scene together in Cinderella (that we've seen. Chase is a corpsman, and Beckanne is a fairy). While the girls are rehearsing, Christiana voiceovers that closing night comes when everyone is tired and stressed out, so injuries are possible.

Right on cue, one of the dancers, soloist Sayaka, slips as she's doing a leapy thing across the room and crumples into the fetal position on the floor. Beckanne tells us that a serious injury to Sayaka could affect the whole cast, as someone steps into her role, and someone into her role, etc. Beckanne sounds only a tiny bit sad about how Sayaka might be seriously hurt. But that's all we'll hear of it! So let's hope she's okay.

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