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Divertissements and Delusions

Allison's place. She video chats with The Dread Boyfriend. She's going to visit him over the upcoming three-day weekend so he can crush her dreams again, some more.

Adam's office. He's attentively reading Rex's résumé, as if he doesn't have it memorized, when Rex comes in to talk about The Foot. Rex honestly says he couldn't dance Cinderella right this minute, but in three weeks he thinks he'll be healthy enough. Adam doesn't want Rex to permanently cripple himself, of course, and I'd like to put Adam in charge of the Washington NFL team's orthopedic staff for his wisdom and prudence, you know? Rex admits in a talking head that he's rushing to be ready and he knows he's likely to hurt himself. What's that about young men and their feelings of invincibility?

Allison and her bestie, Gloria, go to the salon. Gloria has some fierce eyebrows. And she's Allison's latest dumping ground for Dread Boyfriend issues. Apparently Rex has been giving Allison relationship advice, and oh god, no more. No more of this, show, I'm begging you. Even the poor guy wielding the curling iron on Allison is all, GIRL. PLEASE. I wish he'd burn her, just a little, so she'd talk about anything else, like negligent salon practices in the greater Salt Lake City area.

Cinderella/prince rehearsal. Christiana does her thing, beautifully, as Wendy gives her and Rex a little coaching. In a talking head, Christiana says she can't be distracted when she's rehearsing. In the back of the room, though, is her primary distraction: her husband. (And also Allison and Liz, who are watching the rehearsal through a little window, like they are detectives and one of the dancers murdered someone).

Chris comes over to talk to his wife, and she just straight up ignores him, then explains in a talking head that due to the problems they're having in their marriage, they agreed they wouldn't talk at work. He tells her she looks beautiful, and she keeps freezing him out. Augh. This hurts me, you guys. I hate it when Mommy and Daddy fight. Later, alone, she dances with her broom as her voiceover says it's her job to seem put-together and in control, which is really hard when it feels like her life is crumbling.

Gym. Ronnie's off his crutches and just in a light walking cast. He's allowed to work out, which he is doing, enthusiastically. A lady gym employee appears to check Ronnie out when he lifts up his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face, but for all we know she was thirsty and giving the juice bar all that side eye. Although Ronnie's abs are basically a topographical map, so. (And he knows it.)

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