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Pain and Gain

It's the week after everyone got their promotions (or demotions) and everyone is focused on Cinderella. Chris is a mess because not only is he a principal dancer, he's also running the baby school and having marital troubles. Christiana confirms that her personal life is falling apart, and she's worried also that Rex and his injured foot will keep her from dancing Cinderella. Rex thinks his injury is setting him up for failure, and if he doesn't get promoted he's going to seek out a different company. Allison is still miserable about stupid Jonathan. Dump him already!

Zach starts telling randoms that he got a job, and Ian overhears and send scathing looks in Zach's general direction. I never noticed how creepy it is in the interviews, that you can see the person's reflection off to the side. It's an odd choice. Anyway, Zach's so giddy that he gets to stay that he runs around whispering his good news to anyone that will listen… all while oblivious of Ian's feelings.

Poor Ian and his dreamy cheekbones are depressed about having to go seek out a job somewhere else and he's also coping with the difficult task of trying not to punch Zach for being insensitive. Zach tells a girl that he'd be crying if he was in Ian's shoes, but doesn't take this as a note-to-self to shut his stupid face.

Allison and Rex are flirting and sharing tips about dancing. I don't want to see them together necessarily, but he's a million times better than Jonathan. They giggle about her turning problems. Beckanne smiles at the two of them, and she's confused about what's going on with Allison. It should be noted that Allison's wearing what looks a wetsuit with cutouts. That doesn't seem comfortable for dancing at all.

Christiana and Rex rehearse. She's still worried about his foot… blah, blah, blah. He admits that his foot is killing him and every night he suffers with tremendous pain, but at works he tries to keep the extent of his pain under wraps while at work. Allison tries to get him to eat something, but he's pissy about his foot. Allison interviews that injured bodies are the worst part of this job, as it is so out of your control.

Christiana is still whining about what this means for HER. Like not an ounce of sympathy of the guy who is considering cutting his own leg off. She admits that she's in the autumn of her career and perhaps getting a little long in the tooth to play Cinderella in the future. She asks him straight up what percentage his foot is at. He tries to suck the pain in, but you can see he's on the verge of tears. He tells her that he doesn't need the extra pressure of her harping on him. He knows that her dancing career is on his shoulders, as well as anyone who may be understudying and everything. She glares at his foot and says it is all about him. Which he realizes as he's just trying his best to suck it up and prevent his foot from turning into a career-ending point.

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