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The Agony of Wet Feet

Rehearsal. It's casting results day, so everyone is pretending they don't want to murder each other. Beckanne explains there are two casts, first and second, and first cast gets to dance opening night, so they're the cast that gets reviewed. Ronnie says something about how he has to "get out there and stroke it" and that it's "all about looking fly." Oh, Ronnie. Just don't talk, sweetheart.

The roles are printed out in tiny, miniscule print in Excel grids so the sweaty dancers have to lean all over each other to read them. Allison says you have to be very stoic when casting goes up, not gloating if you got the role. Ronnie and Katherine are the first-cast principals. He gloats. Which means Rex and Christiana will be the second cast, which disappoints Christiana, even though she's the first cast in "Emeralds" and "Petite Mort." Ronnie flaps his mouth about how much Rex can learn from Christiana, and says that when he was a baby dancer, the "older women" taught him things. Guys, Ronnie is murdering my crush.

Beckanne says she got a first-cast solo, which was OMG soooooo unexpected because did she mention she's nineteen?! Allison is also one of the four soloists, and with this added to her roles in "Emeralds" and "Petite Mort," she's overwhelmed, and also shocked and upset. I'm just afraid she's going to puncture Rex with her scapula. She observes that she's worried about the workload, and is going to be exhausted from rehearsals. "So she will finally fall into my arms and then we'll get married and buy a house in Logan and have dozens of babies with noses and eyebrows of equal prominence," he murmurs under his breath.

Adam is having a sidebar with Allison, saying he knows rehearsals for all three ballets are going to be very hard on her, but that she'll be okay when they get to performances. He strokes her ego by saying he wants her onstage opening night and she's all, that's fine, I'll just die if that's what you want me to do.

Beckanne and Sayaka, one of the demi-soloists (and another rare non-white person on this show) go out for dinner with some other girls, including Christiana, Allison, and Katie C. Beckanne points out again that she's nineteen, whereas the other dancers are in their twenties and thirties. To rub it in, Katie suggests shots. Allison says she doesn't hang out with Beckanne much, what with all the rehearsing she has to do and how time-consuming it is roasting Rex's emotions over a low flame, but also because she doesn't feel she has much in common with the younger dancers. The dancers toast and Christiana does some voiceover about the social hierarchy of the company. She says, "There are people in the company that I don't know more than their first name." She does not add that Beckanne would be one of those people if not for the cameras following them around.

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