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Rex and Allison go shopping. He explains that Allison has issues with commitment, and that his perfect situation with Allison would be if "she made a conscious decision to be with me." Ouch. Oh, Rex, honey. Allison describes Rex as her friend, and says he's sure he would be a great boyfriend. WOW.

It's contract renewal day. Adam is working with three dancers, and explains that he can reshuffle the company however he likes. There is the merest hint of glee in his tone as he implies that he is basically God to these people. Christiana explains the hierarchy of the company: the corps de ballet is the general company, made up of men and women; demi-soloists are one step up; soloists are more featured; and then there are the principal dancers like Christiana, who are the rock stars.

Katie and Beckanne are gossiping during class. Katie says she always sucks in class, but especially today when she's so nervous. Beckanne explains that she's a new artist, which isn't even part of the corps de ballet. (They're at the bottom of this page, which indicates that Ballet West seems to have a no-shirts-for-anyone policy. I'm okay with this.) Yet she says she wants to stay at Ballet West and "hopefully do more principal roles." Or, um, any principal roles? She's basically saying she's the walk-on fourth-string practice QB but she'd like to try her hand running the offense at the Super Bowl.

Contracts time. Everyone is sitting around with their envelopes kissing Christiana's ass. Allison explains that Christiana is now a Megatron principal dancer, which amuses me. Christiana says she's still not comfortable with her place. (Of course not! Her feet must be killing her!) Allison says she's freaked out when she sees people who are her age who are principals or demi-soloists, and I empathize. That's how I feel when I think about how the entire U.S. gymnastics team is younger than I am.

Ronald explains that he's never been in a dance company without a family member. He's basically Nick Jonas, this one. He says he came to Ballet West to be with Rex. And hooray, he got a contract! Aw. Rex asks Ronald what one of the words in his contract means, and it's "demi-soloist." Ronnie gets his letter, and he's a first soloist. He wanted to be promoted to principal, and his V-neck shirt is very disappointed. His biceps seem fine with it, though.

Beckanne goes to meet with Adam, who's trying to squeeze some suspense out of this encounter. He says he doesn't want to push Beckanne too fast, but that she has "those beautiful feet," and this is the only context in which that phrase isn't skin-crawlingly creepy (seriously, try saying that on The Bachelorette. People will vomit). Adam says Beckanne has the potential to be a real, major ballerina, and next year he wants to make her a demi-soloist. Oh, she is going to be insufferable. Beckanne tells Katie the news and Katie is all, Yay! I'm going to poison your lettuce!

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