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Beckanne is still high on how awesome she is. She tells us how rare it is for a dancer to be promoted her first year, just so we know that she is Special and Perfect and she probably smells like fricking freesia. (She is totally going to steal Ronald when Katie goes off to the ballet D-leagues.) Allison hazes Beckanne about her fat feet. Yeah, those things are like Mr. Stay Puft's hooves, all right.

After class, Katie and Beckanne are having lunch. I desperately want Katie to order a cheeseburger and disco fries and a vat of milkshake now that she's losing her Ballet West job. Katie says she's scared of making this change in her life, but Beckanne says that maybe when she moves somewhere else Katie will have more than one friend. Burn. Conversation turns to how Beckanne is awesome and everyone is jealous of her. Katie says, "Just because you're a freak at ballet doesn't mean you're a freak in life." Well, no, but it seems to be a side effect.

Katie is packing to go audition for the Idaho Ballet, in Boise. She says that the audition process is expensive and grueling, but that her job is just to smile and work hard and beat the ever-living shit out of her body. Ronald packs her into a cab and off she goes, to dance in The Potatomasher Suite for the rest of her days. Ronald broods in the snow, then says he's going to make it work with Katie, "No matter what," and goes off to slaughter a mountain lion so he can control the urge to bite through Beckanne's carotid.

Next week: Ronald partners Beckanne. Ronnie hasn't signed his contract yet, which doesn't stop him from rehearsing in tiny, tiny shorts. Allison tortures Rex some more.

So, what did you all think? I admit I'm intrigued, although it would have been interesting if they'd included some of Ballet West's dancers of color in the featured cast. This show needs an Erik O. Jones.

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