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Contempo Catastrophes

Rex and Allison go to a park and sit on the swings. He moons daintily over her, and she twists that knife she has permanently plunged into his right shoulder blade. Allison thanks Rex for his help with "Paquita" and he gives her some good advice, because he is sweet and lovely. And then she leads him on a little more, except she says, "It feels like we're friends." I want to slap them both. And then Rex awkwardly shoehorns in the title of the episode, when he says, "Let's forget about the tempos of our relationship and the tempos of the stage." GROAN.

Costume fittings! Ronnie's vest is very wee. And then the final studio rehearsal for "Emeralds." Christiana has the first cast lead, dancing with the other boy principal (the one who isn't her husband). She says this role is wonderful and she seems to be very lovely in it. Allison is dancing the same role in the second cast, which she says is nerve-wracking. I bet it is. The ballet mistress is watching Allison very critically, and she doesn't seem to be doing as well as Christiana was. She apologizes to the ballet mistress and to her partner, and Beckanne editorializes about what a fucking disgrace Allison is. Christiana adds that one person's mistake reflects on the whole company. And so Allison's bitch edit has turned into the entire cast taking turns stabbing her. Rex goes over to give Allison more emotional support.

Rehearsals for "Petite Mort." The tiny pants and wanker swords are back! And more costume fittings. The dresses for "Emeralds" look very literal. The ones for "Petite Mort" are basically flesh-colored body stockings. Allison comes in and kind of pushes her way to the front of the line for fittings, because she needs to get back to rehearsal. Beckanne thinks Allison is stressing too much. Her split ends agree. Allison, at least, knows she's basically cuckoo these days.

Ronnie's sister, Sher'ron, has come to watch rehearsal. So good that they're rehearsing "Petite Mort," in which he's basically bare-assed. I know that's how I like to spend time with my brothers. After rehearsal, Ronnie invites the others out to "throw down" with him and Sher'ron. Going out during this really high-pressure time at work seems totally realistic and not something that's staged for the TV show!

Allison asks Rex how he's feeling, and he says like his eyeballs are going to pop out of his head. Like the cartoon wolf when he sees the pretty lady? He and Allison talk more about work, and he says he feels good about where his work is on "Paquita," and Allison says he looked good. "It's the tights," he says. Yep. They decide to go out with Ronnie's group that evening. Totally likely to happen in real life!

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